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« on: February 16, 2012, 09:36:51 am »
Multiplayer will be the primary focus of Blockade Runner but it is considered one of the game's "Core Features," and it is now playable in Indev! Grab it here and give it a spin! Do understand that it is still very unstable and prone to all sorts of bugs (report them here).

However, it is still yet to be implemented in the free public demo version. Once the biggest bugs are ironed out from Indev testing the public version will be updated. Official news about it would be posted here and this post will also be updated with any relevant information pertaining to its upcoming release.

28 April 2012 News update showing proof-of-concept multiplayer avatar and preliminary human face textures.
29 April 2012 Multiplayer test video and avatar properties.
2 May 2012 Destruction in multiplayer.
4 May 2012 Data compression.
5 May 2012 Test video of destruction system.
7 May 2012 Server Master.
8 May 2012 Unstable first build released to Indev.

Now that a form of multiplayer has been released this section is open for posting. Keep discussion here relevant to multiplayer gameplay; additional features & mechanics should remain as topics in Ideas & Suggestions. The Roleplaying board is also still open to collaborate on metagame server communities.

Another note on organizing servers: establishing a server community is encouraged but no financial solicitation is permitted in the forum, please take such discussion elsewhere.
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