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Suggestion Guidelines
« on: September 28, 2011, 08:39:37 pm »
Thanks to Halffull for submitting this section-specific guidelines post, and Me2005 for offering some refinements for clarification.

This is designed to help new players who are making a suggestion for Blockade Runner. Before making a suggestion, make sure you have used the search function to find similar existing suggestions and have read the following guidelines.

Explain your suggestion as well as possible in a paragraph or two and let others judge its worth. If your post ends up being very long & detailed, give a summary of it for the devs to read if they are short on time.

First things to think about:
  • Will it benefit game-play in Blockade Runner?
  • How feasible is it to introduce to the game?
  • Is the usefulness of the suggestion relative to the effort that will go into making it?

Is the suggestion a good suggestion?
Use these points to help you decide whether or not it is:
  • Is my idea related to gameplay in Blockade Runner?
  • Is the game more tactical/fun for its inclusion?
  • Are you adding this because you are bored by something? Your inclusion may well negatively affect the first two points if this is the case.
  • Are you suggesting adjustment or removal because you just find something difficult to use in game? If so, ask an experienced player, practice with it, or just focus on another aspect of the game.
  • Does your suggestion have reasonable advantages and disadvantages to its use?
In your thread you should include an explanation and reasoning of how your suggestion would change the game with the above points in mind.

Further Things to Consider:
  • Search the board before creating a new topic to ensure that your idea was not yet proposed and or implemented.
  • You MUST read the Rules before making a post let alone a thread.
  • Also read the planned features thread to see what the developers are already planning to implement & check out the list of popular suggestions for links to discussions about various general topics already started.
  • The best practice is to write one idea per topic. Overly general topics are difficult to follow if several specific ideas are being discussed.
  • Using correct spelling and grammar is important for readability. Posts should not read like SMS or instant messages.

"Ok I've read all of it, what else should I know?"

There is nothing worse than badly written, short suggestions; your idea might be the greatest in the world but in the end none of the devs can read your mind. Explain your suggestion thoroughly and explain how your suggestion will change the game, keeping all aspects of the game in mind.

Heres a few things that can improve the quality of your suggestion thread:
Use current ingame examples and how your suggestion would have affected these situations.
Always explain why you think this is an improvement, saying "it's cool" or that you saw it in another game is not sufficient.
Which elements of the game your suggestion might affect and how you suggest on working it out, what else would need to be changed to get this to work?

Don't ever expect anyone to work out your suggestion, lets say you wanted to suggest a new weapon:
Has it been suggested before, or is there another weapon that fulfills the same role as this? What does it do that none of the other suggested weapons do? How does it work, and how would you build it in-game? Focus on the concept behind your weapon and how its function is unique & applicable to the BR universe; stats are best left in relative terms (e.g. "fast," "expensive," heavy") until we have an established framework for providing specific numbers.

If you have any skills, use these to improve your suggestion, work out all the details yourself, it will make it easier for any dev to approve and implement such a suggestion.
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