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This week in BR... (MAR WK 1)
« on: March 02, 2016, 02:38:50 pm »
Trying to add music into the next release has been proving difficult.  FMOD's worked pretty darned good, but it (and some stuff Micah has been doing to improve the UI) has caused a bunch of little glitches with our build dispatcher.  Zack's working on'em when he can, and is narrowing the bugs down, but its been a big frustration for the past week since everything we push just crashes on start-up.

That said, Founders can click the current download link in the download page to download the latest build as-is, but right now it's crashy and missing the kewl music.  Zack's aiming to finish this game of whack-a-mole by Friday, at which point music/sfx should be restored.  :P

In the next two weeks we're going to get the Server.exe restored into the public builds, and hopefully Nathan will have the /Objects/ component system finished up (see the spoiler below).  The combination gets us closer to things in space!  (Have I mentioned, making a game engine is grueling?  :-\)

Edit Oh, and we've been working with a writer on the worldspace and continuity of Blockade Runner's universe.  At first it was just for shiggles considering where the engine is at, but some really good stuff has come out of the meetings that has inspired our artists.  ;D

As for everyone's individual workings...

Gabe's streamlined FMOD sounds in BR to make it so modding additional sounds into the game is much more orderly.  Back when we first installed FMOD into BR (almost two years ago?) it required a sound bank GUIDs file that contained a list of all of the GUIDS (unique identifiers) which just added an extra layer of work to get a new sound into the game.  Now you should be able to drop the file into the FMOD project file and it's totally good to go, and merges with other mods (something we haven't shown off yet ;D) seamlessly.

Terah's been continuing her programming lessons so she can be better suited for object and voxel editing.

I've been starting into some Adobe Muse Classroom in a Book to be thoroughly steeped into Muse before we knock out the old website.  I'm 10% of the way through the book.  ;)

Micah, among other things (experimenting with jump gate graphics! ;D), is finishing off UI that Gabe and I never finished.  In this case, inserting Gabe's combo boxes into the options menu so you can just click a drop-down menu to change resolution.  It's not glamorous, but its good practice for Micah and gets a feature finished off.

Nathan has restored voxels in multiplayer using his NetSync artemis component, a minor hassle that took a week.  With Artemis runnin' very well, he's now expanding the Artemis system into how we handle all objects, and how the objects will function with modding; about a two week project.

We should probably have page to link to that explains the artemis components, but it pretty much goes like this:

Run the command AddComponent(NetSync) on any object, and boom, that object is bonafied on the network.  No questions asked, just works.

Through the clever use of components, we can make a lot of difficult things very easy to work with in Blockade Runner, and even easier for people to get started with screwin' with our stufft.  ;)

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