Author Topic: This Week's Development Update! (February 12th 2015)  (Read 1534 times)


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This Week's Development Update! (February 12th 2015)
« on: February 12, 2016, 08:13:08 pm »
The build server is almost fixed, but I wanted to get you guys a week-in-review news update for the week, tonight.  ;D

Zack - and Gabe spent the week slowly pecking away at the build server not outputting a runnable build, but it seemed like every time they had it narrowed down it'd be some other silly little problem.  Half of it had to do with the way we were bundling our necessary .DLL's into the .exe, and the other half (taking the longest to figure out) was a problem with DirectX.  We may have to disable CSScript for a bit, but it shouldn't hurt anything in the short term.

Aaron - I've been learning the ropes of Atlassian's "Jira" Agile issue tracker, remaking the BR logo, and handling UI issues with Micah when needed.  I'm trying to flow better with the expectations of the Jira software instead of relying on "my own way" of doing things.  The goal is for us to be ready to track issues and work with people who may be working off-site.

Nathan - Has been finishing up his multiplayer NetSync capabilities within Artemis.  There's a lot of goobily-goop explanation behind why it's taken so long, but the end results are you can just add the property "NetSync" to a game object and bam, it's ready-to-go multiplayer.  There will be different types of NetSync 'components' (A 'component' FYI is the Artemis system's way of allowing you to plug in code to a game object) to fulfill different needs, but the idea is to have a one-stop shop for easy testing of a multiplayer idea.

Micah - Having had a year of C# under his belt has been given the task of re-working UI with Gabe.  He's tinkering with the guts of BR, so just as a primer he began by starting a new logo and title screen from scratch.  As a bonus, he's been cleaning up the options menu, but its taking a while to get familiarized with everything.  Overall it's been a godsend to have Micah handling the day-to-day UI work, since Gabe and I refuse to want to touch it.  :o

Gabe - Has been tutoring Micah on BR's inner workings, while also cleaning up UI issues with hi-res and 4k monitors, as well as fix glitched up UI commands for things like triangles and such.  Doesn't hurt that Gabe has a beastly 980Ti 4k G-Sync PC now to kind of make 4k a priority. ;P

Terah - Has been pushing out skill-building artwork with her assortment of expensive Copic markers.  Nothing directly aimed at BR yet, just.. you know.. skill building stuff!  She's going to be filling the day with more programming lessons this week.

Thanks again for the support y'all, it's great to have the team in action again!  ;D
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