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Week's Development Update! (March 31th)
« on: March 31, 2015, 01:48:13 pm »
From 5 Days Ago:

We're trying to wrap up the AI pathfinding, but that means solving some last few quirks with how it handles ramps and catwalks.  Gabe's got three candidate ways to solve the problem, each with their own pros and cons.  Bare minimum is an old-fashioned approach.  We'll use older ships from W71 that fans made to kind of get a gauge on how the different solutions would work and where they'd fail.  Gabe's running out of time on his schedule though, so we're trying to narrow it down.  A lot of, "fix it, fix it, fix it, fix it!" ;D

Nathan's meanwhile restructuring the (awesome) Artemis object system to be fully in control over the netcode for objects.  Micah's got the AI to the point where we approve in the direction, now he's heading towards cleaning the Unity Standalone up.  There's a couple things we still need to hash out for crew at some point, but for now we want this standalone to just be for ideas.

From The Today Times:

Yeah, I wish I would have known how to CSS better when I made the BR website.  Trying to clean it up has been hilarious.   We really want to move to Ghost but it's just not quite mature enough to make the move.  Whatevs, DNN will do for a bit longer.

Meanwhiles, Gabe's almost built SkyNet with his pathfinding.  Resolving some issues with climbing stairs; the AI wants to cheat.

Micah's got the Unity standalone to where we've got functional crews on the StarBreaker as well as your own ship in the next Unity Standalone. Testing!  Biggest concern right now is crew targeting during combat.  How does it feel to disable the enemy crew, and the pain to lose yours.

Nathan's still reworking the Artemis system with the netcode.  We've had a few course corrections to make it more streamlined.  Back in 2013 our netcode requirements were very different (i.e. too broad) to what BR needs today. Irrelevant stuff being tossed out!
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