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Today's development update! (October 10th)
« on: October 10, 2014, 11:15:03 pm »
So you may have noticed PR was missing the past week? A, M, G and T were (far) away from the office, and we've finally returned!   I refuse to use a smart phone to post updates (I've lost my text SO many times on that 'Galaxy...), so I could only merely monitor the forums twitter and facebook while I was away.

Zack and Nathan were very productive in our absence however (hey, as engine devs they're the ones who matter anyways), and have pretty much moved all code related to objects and MP over to the new component system.   The best way I can explain the work Zack and Nathan have done is that objects in multiplayer will be easier to code and are much less likelier to ever get seriously tangled up with their netcode.  Since we want to iteratively design the game in the MP as we play it, this kind of flexibilities is huge for a small team like ours!

Z and N are aiming for this Tuesday for an internal test of the voxels/entities working in MP with the new components system.  G, M, T and I should be back for the whole week Mon-Fri, so hopefully we can get caught up a bit with Z and N!

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