Author Topic: Today's development update! (September 22nd)  (Read 1002 times)


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Today's development update! (September 22nd)
« on: September 23, 2014, 01:07:46 pm »
After a long week of helping our buddy with office renovations, the art team has returned! :D :D :D  While we were gone I only had access to a mobile phone, and although I tried, a mobile phone cannot replace my actual PC for handling updates. =P

During the past week, Zack's been continuing on the artemis component system and how it interacts with netcode and scripting.  Nathan's at the point where he needs to be in Solo to test his scrap atlas, but has had to deal with cs-scripting bugs to actually get in.  Z and N resolved all of the CS-Script bugs from Solo during the past week and so now Nathan can finally finish the scrap atlas system! :D

This week on the agenda Micah will be wrapping up his next Unity standalone... not sure if it'll be ready but it'll be pretty debugged.  Now that scripting's working in Solo, G and I will be working on the UI for placing blocks in Solo again. It has to be API-ready, so it progresses slowly.  Zack and Nathan this week will be firing up the build exporter to make sure we can dump out a new build and everything still works. =]
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