Author Topic: How's it hangin'?  (Read 1383 times)


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How's it hangin'?
« on: August 10, 2014, 02:23:58 pm »
Hello there to whoever is still loyal enough to hang around these parts ^^. I havent been as active as I might have been, in keeping up with the dev updates, so I'm a lil out of the loop.

Just basically checking on the current status of the game? Is it close to beig as playable as it once was, or are you guys still battling the evil that is engine building?

I've checked the forum here and there, but nothing major seems to have happened, so im guessing the game isnt already at a playable stage.

I'm asking because in the time I've been absent, I've found many... similar, concepts and games, but I've yet to find one that promises to deliver on my personal preferences, to that the degree Blockaderunner did/does.


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Re: How's it hangin'?
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2014, 03:52:41 pm »
Join the IRC if you want the latest update news, but otherwise I'd say its still a month or two till the next release.
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Re: How's it hangin'?
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2014, 10:37:16 pm »
Ahoys there Mamastoast! o/

Yeah, if you want more of a back-and-forth Q&A, hop into the IRC, as it's easier to inform in the areas you actually care about.  Otherwise I'll just go on ramblin... >.>

Gist on BR's development:
Q: How far along is the new engine?
A: We're just over a year into this new engine.  The average for a new engine seems to be about 2-3 years, so we're maybe about 1/3rd of the way there.

Q: So what can I play?
A:  The engine's raw development builds, or the Unity standalones.
Unity Standalones:
Micah's Unity standalones allow us to preview game mechanics with the Founder Members before they're hard-coded into the game.  It's a very safe way to experiment with ideas we might be unsure about and doesn't interrupt development on the engine!
Construction Drones
Angular Destruction
(Next standalone available this week)

Raw engine builds:
Fresh from the coders, the our new SharpDX engine coded from scratch for BR!  Very raw, and usually riddled with bugs, we're getting assistance from Founder Members to debug pipeline issues.
Founder Builds

Q: So... how much gaem is in the current build of the engine?
A: Since January our focus has been to debug engine pipelines (2D, 3D, Multiplayer etc), and we're still working out the kinks.  The current build available to the Founder members is largely unplayable, and is meant for debugging aforementioned pipelines.

Q: Wasn't an editor going to be available this summer?
A: We were going to do a W71-style editor for the summer, but decided against it to focus on the modding API instead.  Modding API needs to be done first before we continue any further on the multiplayer front or we risk losing API functionality.  Basically, we're listening to Notch's development advice to make the multiplayer and modding first.

Q: When's the next build of the engine?
A: Now that everything's been restructured on top of the modding API we'll be putting out a new build some time this month.
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