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Galactic War: Season 2: RP Thread
« on: July 03, 2014, 07:16:00 pm »
Use this as a dump for your diplomacy, world-building, and general role playing. I don't promise to read everything here, so make sure that any critical snippets get spoilered in your action posts in the main thread. Try to keep them short, it already takes me awhile to compile all the actions and resolve them. For meta-conversations about the game itself, take it to the meta-thread.

OOC stuff is fine, but should read like a tourist brochure for your planets/systems or as a tech bulletin for your ships/tech/bases. Post meta-stuff, comments, questions, clarifications, etc. etc. in the thread I'm about to start for that purpose.

Main Thread


Tech Discussion


Voltaran Sovereignty (VS)

Holy Thunder / Gaius Thunder, Archon of the Voltaran Sovereignty.

Voltaran Sovereignty (VS)

Homeworld: Voltara [A17]


Near relatives to the Valencians of GW1, The Voltarans were also driven from their homes by a fierce evil force.  They left more deliberately, however, and chose to travel much farther than their kin.

Like their Valencian kin, the Voltarans are long-lived and technologically advanced. However, they are also much more assertive and deliberate than their  passive cousins--instead of seeking regional stability from the shadows, they intend from the beginning to create a stable and powerful nation.

They also have a more permanent and stable leadership. While Glimmerhad was elected High Executor after the ruling council consulted with oracles and supercomputers, Voltaran society coalesced into a successful duocracy before making their long journey. Queen Batira rules in civil matters regarding government, and Archon Thunder guides all aspects of the Voltaran defense.

The Voltarans' final destination shifted several times over the course of their journey. Eventually, Thunder settled on a bountiful home that showed no hostile aliens nearby--indeed, no aliens nearby of any variety.  Secure in this knowledge, he issued orders that the fleet's defensive technology be stripped and repurposed toward building Voltaran civil industry. The repurposed equipment provided capital for what was essentially a government-owned private enterprise, which would allow the Valencian Fleet to financially support itself. The taxpayers loved it, fleet personnel began serving profitable rotations in civilian endeavors, and the Archon received autonomy to develop fleet capabilities as he saw fit.  This sector of space was easily defensible, with plenty room to grow.

Soon, the Voltaran ships landed on their new home, and a formiddable nation began laying its foundation...

Deltan Federation (DF)
Commander Jackson / Xander Fyrstar, Commander of the Deltan Defense Force

Deltan Federation (DF)

Homeworld: Phoenix's Stand [De66]


The Confederate Alliance of Transgalctic Systems was becoming worried about the rumors of an entity known as the Lightbringer.  They had received word of invasions that smashed the power of SDI.  In response they sent an expedition to YB33 to study a wormhole to obtain more information about this new threat.  The CAS Phoenix led the 5th Fleet on this mission.  They set up a base and began monitoring the wormhole for Lightbringer activity but it didn't help them when the invaders arrived.

The sudden invasion from the wormhole forced the 5th Fleet to evacuate incomplete base and fight for survival.  They fought a force that outnumbered them 4-1.  In the end they were forced to flee to the wormhole.  The CAS Phoenix took a hit to their propulsion system and stayed behind to cover the retreating ships.

As the surviving ships of the 5th Fleet entered the wormhole the Phoenix's warp core exploded.  The shockwave caused a spacial distortion that caused the wormhole to send the survivors on a one way trip to regions unknown regions of space.

Trapped without anyway to return home the remnant of the 5th Fleet found a planet that they named Phoenix's Stand in memory of the bravery of the crew of the Phoenix.  They established contact with the inhabitants of this planet and helped them progress technologically at an accelerated rate.

For many cycles they have remained isolated but now they have recovered FTL technology and will finally begin to explore this new galaxy.

Synarian Commonwealth (SC) Inactive

Apollonian Royal Celestine Forces (ARCF) 'Archer'/New Orbital Reform Deal of Intrasystem Countries (NORDIC) Inactive

Andromeda Council (Doing this so it shows up.)
Me2005 / Viktor Ironstar/ Supreme Alpha-Commander of Interstellar Forces
Andromeda Council
Homeworld: Lynx [39M]

"Our core worlds must be strong so that we may prevail against the tides of the unknown beyond our system" - Ironstar, to much barking and howls of excitement

The Andromeda Council consists of 5 smallish worlds (earth-moon sized) with gravities between .75 and 1.1 G orbiting each other, orbiting their star. They are collectively referred to as the "Andromeda Cluster," Lynx being a larger world (1.0 G) which eventually conquered the other 4. All are habitable, and developed sapient life separately. The sapient here resemble bipedal dogs, but they are distinct based on the world from which they originated. Lynx provides wolf-like breeds, while the smallest world (Ferret - .75 G) is home to more fox-like sapient. The other worlds: Ursa - 1.1 G, Jaguar - .9 G, and Wolverine - .8 G provide larger Newfoundland/St. Bernard-likes, pit-bull/ German Shepard-likes, and collie-likes; respectively. The worlds are now named for the primary competition found there, which each was given by its own sapient and as was standardized between worlds with the formation of the council.

Since formation, the scientists of Ferret and Wolverine have determined that the planets were originally one or two larger worlds that collided and the fragments from that collision formed the 5 worlds now present. They suspect the worlds were even populated when they collided, and that the various breeds now living on each were descended from the survivors of that collision. Counter-arguments that nothing could survive such a collision and that the breeds must have been brought to this place at a later time are quickly barked down and largely ignored.
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