Author Topic: What will BR bring to the table to set it apart from the competition?  (Read 1730 times)


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I've been following Blockade Runner for a couple years now and delved into a few other similiar games in the meantime. I had a good bit of fun with StarMade and have been getting into Space Engineers lately. Rodina isn't much of a builder, but it's a fun indie space exploration/combat kind of game that looks great. Of course there's the upcoming space sims Limit Theory, Elite Dangerous, and the big Star Citizen.............

Not to sound cynical, I'm more curious. . .
 what do I have to look forward to in Blockade Runner?


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I heard that BR will feature "living ships"...
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The subject has been discussed before in "Space Engineers, Can it be beaten?" and "How will Blockade Runner differentiate itself?". You might want to take a look if you want more info.

The in-depth editor was the strongest feature Blockade Runner showed us yet, that alone is enough to set it apart in my opinion. Show me any building game you want, but if building is a chore it won't be that enjoyable. The editor takes care of that nicely, and hopefully will make a strong comeback after the overhaul with more tools to make building a breeze.

As for intended features, "living" ships with powerlines, atmosphere and crew are very interesting and will surely change the dynamic of the game in comparison with the others. BR is also looking toward a very in-depth multiplayer experience, designing around multiplayer rather than tacking it on. Which might create some unique mechanics we haven't seen anywhere else.  ;D
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Ah, I see.

I haven't really seen much focus on the astronaut himself (or the crew, for that matter) and the act of surviving in space. That interests me a little more than making the biggest ship possible out of the resources gathered, so I'd love to see what Blockade Runner does there.

I know it's a little too soon to say right now, and that's okay. I'll still be around for however long it takes, hah.


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Sorry for the delayed response!  We had some issues with our internet yesterday...

Regarding the "astronaut and crew", we have to keep re-adjusting mechanics based on the capabilities of the engine.  The engine's still in the process of being built, so it makes it difficult to cement things down until we've had a chance to iterate them a few times (thing sound real good 'on paper'  :-X ).

You may have seen how we've recently started using Unity3D to put our previously idle hands (read: the artsier team members) to better use, allowing us to mess around with mechanics via standalone prototypes.  One of those standalones will eventually be tests of the crew mechanics. =]

As for "What will set BR apart", I could list a bunch of neat ideas and selling points, but in the end it's just going to be our unique approach to lego's in space and the way we cobble it together.  ::)
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