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Welcome to Section Fifteen! We hope you enjoy your stay!

Rising from the ashes of the very old Galaxy at War thread, this newer version is designed to provide the same level of fun and enjoyment of the old thread, with a slight bit more direction which will allow for ease of access and a bit of a story to develop while maintaining the control the players involved were used to. Now, while the board at current has another game similar, this thread is dedicated to freeform writing, IE the lack of a governing or over arching rules system, allowing for writers to stretch their fingers and go all out to the situation. In a fashion ala DnD/Shadowrun, I'll be acting something akin to a gamemaster, acting as the NPCs not actually alligned directly with the players and writers particpating within the game and the results of actions taken against, as well as a bit of a guide to keep the story on the move, and also as a moderator for any disagreements.

Now, the more directed element of this piece requires something of a few rules, so I'll lay these out below.

1: Don't be a dick. First rule of everything, governs everything.
2: Maintain Post Order. Because of the more directed setting, everyone needs a chance to post evenly to ensure story flow and that everyone gets their chance to act. I'll do my best to remind peeps of when it's their turn to post, but generally, not posting within a week forfiets your 'turn' if you'd like for that round set of posting to keep the game flowing.
3: Try to keep your involved allies lesser than a battlefleet. We want more of a focus on story rather than on politics or a big dick contest and while I'm not against a small group of nine or so ships involved under one player's control, but it can offset the balance and artifically affect the flow of gameplay.

Now, with that said, any one is free to join the game at any time, regardless of the posting order, all I ask is that if you are going to post, that you commit to posting to the game and playing it to it's end. Again, I stress Feel free to join at any point and I'll slot you into the post order for the next round. Keep in mind the story though and try not to make too much of a mess of things just for the sake of messing with things (Think of my poor head!)

Now, forgive me fellow moderators, but there will be a double post here, this first post will serve as the billboard for who's turn it is to post, who the players are and what faction they're with and a short TL:DR update piece for those who've missed a couple of posts or who want to jump into the game quickly, and the post below will be the introduction and first post of the actual game.

With all of that said, here's the information I promised.

Players; In order of posting
IUN 6th Operations Fleet/'Gamemaster'/__(Place for primary character)____

Neutral/Unaligned/Ode Vance - URV-511

Neutral/Unaligned/Varius Flint - No current Vessel

Current TL:DR Situation:

Snow: "Oh look, a blank universe. And my paintbrush, it's all covered in paint. Mwuhahahahaha- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-hahahhaha *Ahem*."


Don't be afraid to PM me if you have any other questions about the game!

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Section Fifteen was sparsely populated area of space, littered with few planets and a smattering of asteroid belts between each one. It was uninteresting, devoid of most useful materials, devoid of anything worth studying and devoid of anything worth looking at. One might have almost called the Section barren, and that was likely a more apt term for the system than 'uninteresting'. No redeeming qualities, useless. Not attached to any major system, lacking any gas clouds to dump waste heat into, out of the way. It's planets were inhabitable but had failed to produce anything more than the basic tree and high speed gusts of winds that allowed such plants to spread their seeds over the planets, making any landing by ship a practical impossbility. So Section continued to exist, as little more than a footnote in galactic maps and history books, the man, ship and crew who had discovered it expecting to make the fortune of their lives gaining little more than obsecurity and history's scorn. The sadly most notable fact was that it was classified techincally as neutral space for it's location in unclaimed space, beyond the borders of the major players in the galaxy, as if by the mere fact of being adjcent to other systems, Section Fifteen made them less worthwhile. Not considered neutral zone enforced by treaty but simply space that was unclaimed, simply owned by no one, law enforced by no one except the pirates who to the colonists of the systems and planets within formed the law, accepting protection money and barter in exchange for some military or police control.

The Ural Empire was one such border system, it's military control line only five systems from Section Fifteen, and the Ural Empire had a problem. It's ruling monarch family had been assassinated, and the massive government body and most of it's systems had been thrown into complete turmoil and total civil war. It's six fleets of a thousand ships each at odds with one another, friends turned to enemies, systems next to one another battlegrounds between men and women of the same race and same government over who would take the throne without the ruling bloodline. Shockwaves had been sent throughout the faction, disrupting everything within and without, for the Ural Empire had military technology and a lot of it, and for the moment they were a loose cannon, something that could blow any given moment, which had it's border governments on edge. Within, most travel and almost all services were broken, the closer to the core systems one got, the worse the situation was. The Imperial Ural Navy had Six fleets, each one controlling a sixth of the space within Ural territory, and her outermost systems were more or less stable, with the Fifth and Sixth fleets being on the same page. Inside Section Four however, the Fourth fleet was not, under the command of Serran Admiral Terrison, who in spite of political leadership, had opted to try and establish a military leadership.

But the Ural Empire had another problem, stemming directly from this massive internal conflict, that had most of the galaxy trying to loosen their collars. Ural planets were powered and industralised primarily by massive underground structures housing Artifical Singularity Generators, a technology discovered and invented by high level Ural scientists which had, in smaller forms, made their space travel possible. While generating enough power to run entire planets from just one facility, and employing over two hundred thousand people at one site alone, these massive, sprawling facilities and their attached reactors had to be cooled at devastating rate. Not just cooled, but decontaminated as well, for they produced so much Gamma grade radiation that within months the planet they were built into would be little more than a ball of irradiated rock so hot it could melt passing space vessels. The technology to make this water safe again was well within the Ural's grasp, except for one small problem. All of these facilities were within Section Four, a hotspot of activity, impossible to make regular trips to, least of all for the fighting factions to allow such a vital piece of infrastructure continue operating unscathed. After all, if they wanted that service, they would have to submit to military rule.

Fifth Fleet, after weeks of deliberation, planned a stopgap. Using Lifeline Class Fleet Tankers, they would ship this contaminated liquid to the abandoned, worthless Section Fifteen and vent it into open space, and use the spiralling gorges of the four planets to build a temporary decon plant, so they could ship the water back. Environmental warfare, some said, those were planets with breathable atmospheres the military commanders were going to destroy completely. They might have, except that no one cared about Section Fifteen. And so, for three months the Ural's had solved their problem, disposing of their nuclear waste in the metaphorical equialent of dumping garbage on green parkland, so far out of the way they hoped no one would care or even notice. Status quo restored, and the people of Ural in Sectors Five and Six hardly even noticed the difference.

A general distress call was heard throughout space throughout most sectors, little more than garbled white noise and a disjointed, disordered collection of sounds, voices and sirens, the signal so badly mangled it was a shock it made it anywhere at all. The sound of a ship's last desperate siren call, sounds of screaming, gunfire and explosions, it's origin location that of what the IUN called Section Fifteen, the origin of the signal that only thing that was clear. A pair of Lifeline tankers, while built as military fleet support vessels, broadcasting and acting as Civil Transport Tankers, with the intergalactic 'CIVIL' logo and warning hastily painted across their hulls to mark them as non-valid military targets, one ship in flames, smoke pouring from it's many wounds like blood in the water, it's hull glowing white hot and melting as the storage tanks ruptured and pumped the superheated water against it's hide, white burning mist pouring from it's buckled, heated hull, the other in better shape, but surrounded in boiling blue puffing explosions flicking in and out of existance which blasted pieces of it's hull into open space, but these two ships were the only one in the system, the only two power signatures in an area of space filled with poweful radiation.

A blinding static on the sensors and the electronics.
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Re: Section Fifteen - A freeform story adventure headed by SnowDragon!
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Ode Vance, was once a promising young Ural scientist who as a young academy recruit, became involved with an environmentally conscious and vocal minority. He's efforts to bring public awareness to the environmental impact of underground Artificial Singularity Generators earned him two years of political imprisonment.

Removed from existence Odes life before and during his time floating through space in a maximum security military prison ship, are now shattered fragments of memories sunken to the very depths of his mind, occasionally floating to the surface.

One such memory now grates it's ugly truth under the synthetic fabric of what once his skin as his ships engines kick and groan, being asked to come to life after a comfortable two days rest under one of the larger of the asteroid belts rocks. The joints of this old URV 511, a long-range research vessel once a member of the Ural science academies fleet, rattle and creak sounding not to sure of itself as the landing gear kisses the ground good-bye.

Having survived his sentence, the now defamed Ode lives as a hermit, preferring to stay far away from Ural authorities and its citizens. Gifted to him as a reward for staying true their cause and not ratting out the remaining core members of the political group, the ships cargo bays store enough food, water and an assortment of technical odds and ends to keep one healthy and entertained for long periods of time. There should be no need to find port in some back water colony, for well over another seven months or more, depending on how lean Ode can be with the supplies.

The ships groans and creaks settle down as the engines find their feet, climbing to what is undoubtedly their sweet spot of fifty five percent maximum thrust.

Not twenty minutes before Ode had been woken from a deep sleep, the distress signals of the near-by transport tankers had light up the ships comm panels, causing an awful concoction of sound and bright light to emanate from the cockpit.

His bear feet, not too please with the situation, where forced out of a warm bed and onto a cold corridor floor that lead from the ships mid quarters up to the cockpit. Odes request of the ship to abandon its restful state on the rock, was not because he wanted to investigate the source of the distress call, but instead to move further away from it.

With this much racket going on, the sector is no doubt about to be flooded with all manor of scum, both civilian scavengers and Ural authorities alike.


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Re: Section Fifteen - A freeform story adventure headed by SnowDragon!
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Varius Flint sat in the corner of a bar on a generic planet in Section 6 of Ural controlled space. It was quite a nice establishment, if you ignored the smell... and the leaking roof.... and the fact that it felt like the building was about to collapse whenever anything launched from the nearby spaceport. Ok admittedly it was a bit of a dump but it was secluded, empty and sold beer, which suited Varius just fine for now.

Varius took another sip from his drink as he remembered how he got into this situation in the first place. He used to work as part of a small trading firm doing supply runs all across the Empire, the pay wasn't amazing, but he liked the freedom and exploration of it. One day it was supplying food or building materials to the outer colony's, the next it was bringing ammo to the Navy bases in the capital. Varius was on one of these runs when the assassinations happened and with every planet and station within 5 systems of the capital on lock down he could do nothing but float in space waiting for the lock down to be lifted. in the confusion pirates effectively had free roam around the Empire and he was unfortunate enough to be caught by a crew, who boarded his ship, stole his cargo and left him for dead also managing to rupture a fuel line that severely damaged his right arm in the process. Luckily he was found by a military patrol a day or so later, who quickly recovered him from his ship and operated on him to amputate his arm, which had been infected by the fuel and was too badly injured to be fixed, even with modern medicine. finally he was dumped on this planet when the ship made a fuel stop, ship-less, money-less and without a right arm. Varius begged and slept on the streets for almost a month, until he was approached by a stranger who promised to get him a job and back on his feet, not knowing any better he agreed and the man took him to a clinic where he was fitted with a rudimentary prosthetic arm, it wasn't as good as the high end ones, but it gave him full use of his Right arm back and so was better than nothing. After the procedure the stranger had revealed himself as a local crime boss and propositioned Varius to assassinate someone from his organisation that had gone rouge, Varius refused and fled before he could be killed and had been hiding from the organisation ever since, moving from place to place and taking odd jobs to get a transport of the planet.

Varius returned from his daydream and looked up at the bar, there was a man talking to the innkeeper, who pointed at Varius sitting in the corner. The man got up and started to walk over to Varius's table, a cruel smile on his lips. 

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Re: Section Fifteen - A freeform story adventure headed by SnowDragon!
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Turion Vidia's picture from the Ural Navy Dangerous Criminal list

character image

Turion was in his quarters enjoying his collection of stolen prizes. Behind the Alum-Glass was a Ural Navy General Dress Uniform including the hat, a Ragnok head, An elegant silver sword with carved holes in it that belonged to some bounty hunter and the best of all an ancient T55 Marauder droid. Apart from these there was plenty else but these were the best he had gotten and actually kept. Turning to face the window he could see the Holden slowly creep into view. The Holden was a Assault Cruiser designed to use EMC to disable and incapacitate prey. Then if necessary obliterate it with a swarm of Tier 5 Balagen Warheads. The windows and lights on the Holden were all dark. In fact all four of his ships were dark. They had been since they hit a small trade vessel. On the way out Arise decided to get funny with the captain and blew a fuel line that crippled his right arm. Turion grinned when he remembered this part. It was quite funny to him and the rest of his crew. That was a week ago. Since leaving the freighter they had only one other encounter with other people. It just so happened a bunch of old farmers from some god forsaken planet thought that they could rob anyone they flew by. While they had more ship. They had completely no ability to use them effectively in a real fight. They were turned into piece meal by Turions men. They did get lucky though. They managed to destroy a Frigate under Turions possession by ramming their dingy through the bridge however it was just taken from a nobody Ural Captain who thought back up would come for him. Turning to the door Turion began to make his way through the halls to the bridge of his Flag ship. This ship was armed t the teeth mostly thanks to the good haul that has been coming since the recent assassination of the Ural Empire's Royal family. It was time for Turion Vidia's next move. 
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Re: Section Fifteen - A freeform story adventure headed by SnowDragon!
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(A post will come in the next 24 hours, the waiting is over)


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Re: Section Fifteen - A freeform story adventure headed by SnowDragon!
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While time had stood still for far too long, Ode's oxygen supply sadly had not. To make the most of this limited resource and decrease his usage, Ode had been artificially inducing extended sleep after sleep for months.

Waking from yet another extended sleep, Ode realised today would be the last he would ever see. It was a particularly cold morning. The Sun had yet to melt the thick sheet of ice that had formed on the exterior of his sleeping quarters view port, making the room darker that it would have otherwise been at this hour.

To take his mind away from the looming oxygen crisis, Ode decided he'd make his way up to the cockpit and spend his last few hours running system scans for signs of life in the universe.