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Of Struggle & Fate - Of Hope & Loss
« on: January 24, 2014, 11:40:38 am »
{{Meta}}I do not know if I will actively participate in future role playing in this forum, however I wish to make an "introduction post" of some kind.{{/Meta}}

{{Introduction}} Deep inside of the no-man's land asteroid field known as Ashdradeh there is a large ship slowly returning from a successful mining expedition. At one point it was an ore barge, however the ship was hasty retrofitted as an exploration ship by the embattled race known as Kitsune .
 For over 200 human years, the Kitsune have been fighting in an intergalactic war for survival, and unfortunately things have not been going well for them.
 The Kitsune are very desperate for raw material, and were sending out more and more missions to very dangerous locations to get it.
 When first meeting a Kitsune in person, it may seem a bit odd. They have humanoid body proportions, however they have many features which are clearly not human.
 They have a human like head, with blazing auburn hair, fox like ears, and brown cat's eyes. Their upper bodies look mostly human, however their lower bodies are "fox like", complete with fur, paws and a fox like tail.
 A full grown Kitsune only stands as tall as a normal 10 year old human child, however never underestimate this race. They are very agile, and fierce warriors in combat.

{{Meta}} Kitsune language is incomprehensible to humans. An automatic translator has been provided for you {{/Meta}}

 Things were very tense on the ship Kennoyat as they slowly made their way home from a successful mining trip in the dreaded Ashdradeh .
They new the risks they were taking. They knew that if they could not deliver this shipment of raw ores to their brethren in time, the war and their home world could very well be lost.
 The commander of the vessel nervously looked over the flowing hieroglyphs on his screen, making sure for the 40th time that the ship was still holding together.
 Something 'off' caught his eye, as he noticed a faint energy signal from a nearby asteroid.
[translator: commander] "Scan that rock at coordinates 11872, 40, 556", he said as he continued to wonder what the signature was.
[translator: crewman 1] "Scanners not picking up much more than cosmic rad..."
**Loud shrieking of metal-on-metal**
**Warning siren begins to sound **
[translator: crewman 1] "Forward cocoon [*1] number 2 is at 18%. Damage to section 4-2 and 3-2. Defensive computer offline."
[translator: commander] "What just hit us?!", he demanded as he read the damage report on his screen.
[translator: crewman 2] "Incoming torpedoes !!"
 The commander grabbed his console and held on , as series of explosions rocked the ship back and forth.
A capacitor in one of the computers on the command bridge overloaded, sending 2 crew members flying backwards with mortal wounds.
 As things settled down, the commander looked over at his read out, and was horrify to see that there was at least 12 unknown fighter craft approaching.
 He barked out orders as he frantically pushed a series of complex hieroglyphs on his console.
[translator: commander] "Launch all of out fighters, and find out why we could not see the enemy !"
[translator: crewman 2] "That rock is composed mostly of derinite, which our scanners can not penetrate!"
 The commander looked over the latest data on his display, showing all 20 of the ship's fighter craft had launched.
He did not have very many ships at his command, however they should be able to take out 12 enemy vessels the commander reasoned.
 The data readout from ship 18 went dead.
 Ship 14 went silent.
 Ship 6 went silent.
 Ship 19 went silent.
 Ship 20 vanished.
 The commander's jaw dropped as he lost more and more ships in rapid succession.
[translator: crewman 1] "Incoming fighters, unknown numbers!"
[translator: commander] "Scan that rock again !", he said, pure despair in his voice.
[translator: crewman 2] "There seems to be a large structure inside of there. I an unable to confirm."
** Metal squealing under stress **
[translator: crewman 1] "Several cocoons are down. Large hole in sector 5, 6 and 7. Reactor 2 is damaged and over heating."
[translator: commander] "Eject the core!"
[translator: crewman 1] "We have comrades down there still!"
 The commander snarled, revealed his canine fangs, and stared his subordinate right in the eye.
[translator: commander]"Eject it now, or we loose the whole ship!"
 Without a word the crewman pushed a few hieroglyphs on his console and sighed, not even flinching as the ship was rocked a few seconds later when the core exploded.
 The power flickered briefly, before coming back on.
[translator: crewman 2] "Too much damage to report. All cocoons are down. Reactor 1,3,4 are starting to overheat. Emergency atmospheric cocoons are failing."
 The commander sighed as he rapidly routed all of the ships controls to his console, knowing that he could not let all of the ship's cargo fall into enemy hands.
[translator: commander]"Send a transmission of out current location, and situation. Than sound the abandon ship alarm."
 The entire command bridge froze for a moment as the reality of the situation sunk in.
 Almost as one, everyone typed in final commands into their stations, and left for the escape pods as a low pitched siren blared.
 The commander waited for a few moments to make sure that all the surviving members of his crew were safely away, before he turned back to his console and changed the ship's course directly for the asteroid.
 He turned all power to the remaining engines to maximum, as he watched the ship's reactors' temperature rapidly climb.
A single tear ran down his cheek as he waited for the inevitable collision.
 The ship violently shook as it made contact, followed by a blinding white light. The commander knew no more.


 [*1] - Electromagnetic shielding that repulses energy and matter

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