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Rules For News
« on: March 11, 2013, 11:44:33 am »
Please keep all discussion in the News board On-Topic, civil and respectful of others.  We readily accept constructive criticism, but will not tolerate incendiary commentary or insults towards other members.

Failure to comply results in an "after moderator's approval" restriction on your account for the News board, to be lifted at administrative discretion.

Since we're primarily updating through Twitter atm (it takes a while to write up a blog post, transfer it to BB code, etc), some of the news items are antiquated in their information.  New posts from users cause redundant misinformation to occur, and so to make sure the news posts are relatively on-topic to the information at the time of their posting, we will be locking down news threads after a week or so of their posting.

If we haven't answered a particular question or you'd like to discuss something further, please do so in the General Forum.

For regular day-to-day updates on BR's progress, please follow (or visit) the Twitter feed here.

TL;DR - News posts will be locked after a week or so to keep the forum and information clean.
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