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Re: Galactic War: Season 2!
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GWv2- Round 50

Deltan Federation (DF)

AP 10/CP 19/TP 10/RP 24


-Trade 10 - RP 24


-Build FS 7 @ [S-41] - CP 7

-Build PI 10 @ [S-41] - TP 10

-Build PI 10 @ [Theta-69-2] - AP 10

-Build RP Station @ [Theta-69] - CP 12

Broadcast to CJ
Hailing unknown vessel, please identify. We are merchant-marines of the Andromedean Navy, we wish to bring you good tidings but unfortunately we are at war with an unknown plague. This plague will devour the entire galaxy if it is not stopped. If you are hostile, we will not hesitate to drop our protections keeping it from passing this sector and allow it to continue on - presumably toward your homeworld. If you are friendly, we beg all the assistance you can muster. You surely must have received our recent transmission, containing specifications on the workings of our anti-plague measures?

Reply from CJ to Me2005
Merchant marines of the Andromedean Navy.  I am Commander Xander Fyrstar.  I represent the Deltan Federation's interests in this region of space.  We have come here to establish trade and goodwill among the local nations.  We understand that the plague must be opposed but our forces are currently preoccupied...  That said, we will attempt to offer any other assistance we can.

Fyrestar out-

How does that transmission about anti plague tech work?  Do I now possess it or can I now research it?


-Fire Launcher [Theta-67] at Pirate Fleet [Xi-69]

-Shipyard Lvl 2 [Delta-68] Build FS 2

-Scan: [V28]

Round Summary

FS 8
PI 20

-Theta 69
RP Station 1

-Theta 69-2
PI 20

-Xi 57
FS 28

-Sigma 57
FS 0

-Delta 68
FS 4

FTL 9,   Sublight 4,   Diplomacy 10,   Sensors 16,   Repair 0,   Industry 8,   Efficiency 8,   Trade 4 (10),   Logistics 7, Weapons 20,  Defenses 19,  Fleet Quality 4,  Bombardment 4, Planet Quality 1,  Launch 2; 

Stations 3,  Reflective Shields 2,   AI 1, Raven 1, Bolas 2, Capture 3, EMP 1, Barrage 2, Interdiction 2,

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Re: Galactic War: Season 2!
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Galactic War - Season 2: Post Mortem:

After a long, hard fought war against the Plague; most of the galaxy is found scoured clean of life. This became known as "The Great Scouring," and those races that bore witness to its power vowed that no such scourge would ever enter the galaxy again.

Alas, this was not to last - as the years turned to decades, and decades to centuries, the Scouring was forgotten.

The remaining forces of the Deltan Federation and the Voltaran Sovereignty have been at war on and off over the cause of the plague, but as representatives of a slim number of remaining species in the galaxy, eventually set aside differences and have left each to their own doings.

The Voltaran Sovereignty largely survived the plague intact, but with the nearby races clamoring for scarce resources, the alliance built to fight the plague soon fell apart and gave way to infighting. With the destructiveness possible because of the anti-plague tech that was freely distributed during the Great Scouring, these wars were more destructive than ever before. The Voltarans survived, but barely - only a select few systems remain of the origional Sovereignty. All of the races surrounding them were wiped out, and they now spend their time searching ruins and seeking to terraform scorched worlds.

The Deltan Federation is actively trying to rebuild its corner of the galaxy and bring back the member speices to full-fledged nation-states within the federation. The Plague nearly wiped out several of the major member-species of the Federation; including the Thetans.

Those Thetans who survived blamed the Federation for not doing more to protect them, and have been at war with them ever since - until the much later coming of the Lightbringer wiped the Thetans out completely.

The Andromedean council - which played a crucial role in the final elimination of the plague - soon began showing signs of devolution. It appeared that the exposure to the plague turned the breeds of the council, over time, back to regular dogs. They soon lost their ability to maintain a system-spanning empire and several breeds were, in part, adopted by both the Voltaran Sovereignty and the Deltan Federation as pets and companions. Their home system was marked as a refuge, and the breeds were allowed to run wild. It is a dangerous place now, as the dogs run wolf-like over the planet and the wilds rule over the ruins of once great cities and spaceports.

As the millenia wore onward, and new species emerged and scoured worlds became active again, the cycle would begin anew; facing new threats and ancient dangers.

Thus ends the Galactic War saga, thanks for playing everyone! Hope you had fun, sorry it had to end, but that's the way these things go.
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