Author Topic: Today's (randomish) development resource! (August 12th)  (Read 2226 times)


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Today's (randomish) development resource! (August 12th)
« on: August 12, 2013, 09:39:02 pm »
Today's Tweets:
Aaron: Long day today!  Nathan having discovered ANCIENT miniscule bugs that were the cause of later issues has to refactor a lot more code.

Aaron: It's great though since it's like, "Hey remember how this had an iffy solution?  BAM!  Here's a REAL solution". >:}

Aaron: Ironies of ironies, prefabs now are working pretty much flawlessly, but block placement with Rect Line and Sphere are acting up.

Aaron: It's why I recommended not to list our daily engineering pursuits since it involves a lot of back-and-forth 'sifting'.  ;D

Aaron: Zack in the meantime tracks down an old issue with lighting and normals.  I think we'd better replace the negative power coupling...

Aaron: Gabe and I were ALSO able to rip one of the UI items off the agenda today.  Putting all our hard work to use. =D


These daily development screenshots are just for fun during the engine overhauling doldrums; they do not represent anything that's in-game (we want surprises!) and come without explanation (guess away for fun!).  Regardless of what you see or think you see, just remember that our focus for the upcoming W1xx release is solely a stable, reliable multiplayer engine that will be ready when "Build, Fly, Shoot" is working appropriately.

So keep your expectations in check and have fun!  ::)
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Re: Today's (randomish) development resource! (August 10th)
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Gabe has a wraith? That explains so much.


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Re: Today's (randomish) development resource! (August 10th)
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Re: Today's (randomish) development resource! (August 10th)
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