Author Topic: Self-policing, and then a quick devolution into discussing impracticalities 40k  (Read 19070 times)


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Insult taken.  :P

Thadius, quite seriously. I get you want to be involved with that thread, but just stop. Just watch and observe for the time being, resist the urge to post and comment on everything. Consider what you're saying, and for the time being stop posting in the thread.

I get you're trying to help or whatever, but in this case it's unwanted/un-needed and I'd prefer it if you observed rather than participated unless it's something thought out, highly relevant, and meaningful.

As a guide:
-Don't trash talk - no-one is interested how much bigger your ships are, or how they compare to our ships (existent or not). All ship designs at the moment are totally obsolete.

A pity there is'nt a BRD. I so wanted to look for weaknesses. Ehh atleast I got the other ones BRD.
-Don't ask for ".brds", I've come to see this as rather rude. If someone wants to share it they will voluntarily. Asking for them or demanding them is rude. Personally, I'd rather you didn't modify my ship designs anyway.

My god. I try to be nice and even remove my crap from this thread and then simply say that you shouldnt go to high or you will start lagging. I'm even trying to update your Raptor! (Though I doubt any of my interiors will be canon since I know almost nothing of the warhammer series.) I was going to keep it a suprise but whatever. I forgive and forget. Don't you.
-If " know almost nothing of the warhammer series" then that's a great time not to post/comment and do some background reading. You'll be able to add something then.
- And No, I don't forget, and I take a long time to forgive.

Here is a good chart for yall to use during your MP building.
-This is vaguely on-topic, but frankly irrelevant as most of us have already seen it and it doesn't really belong in that thread.

For the time being I strongly suggest that you stop posting in that thread until you've gone and read at least Gaunt's Ghosts or something, read a few codices, and at least partially immersed yourself in the 40k universe. Currently you're just irritating the hell out of me, and a fair number of other forum users.

I would appreciate it if you deleted your last 5-6 posts on that thread and didn't post again on there.



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While the rest of the thread has been done before and I find it terribly pedantic...

More neutral and theme'd report labels:

Lase Target for Incoming Moderator?

Request Moderator Fire Mission?

Request Orbital Moderator Drop?
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Establishing spherical Authority-doubt shield dome.

Firewalling all connections with anti-Moderator spyware.

Laying cover with Spam Flaktm to reduce moderator visibility.

Activating decoy posts in other threads to divert Moderator attention.

Launching sub-orbital Propoganda cannons.

Come get it.  8)

--Trespassers will be promptly riddled with bullets and other unpleasant projectiles.

--Survivors will treated with apologies, steak dinner, and a VIP tour of our facilities.


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I have no idea what this topic is about anymore.

I think with the policing, people should be able to vote on what becomes hidden with a karma system.
If someone gets -10 karma in a thread that is 10 posts long, then the post is hidden, but if someone get's +5 and -10 karma then it wont get hidden.
- Anonymous

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Karma systems are just popularity contests under another name.

If something violates the forums rules, use report to moderator. That's what it's there for, and it makes things simpler for us. We don't always catch everything that happens on our own.