Author Topic: Blockade runner multiplayer VPN (something that actually works good!)  (Read 2797 times)


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my fellow blockade runners, feeling lonely in your little piece of space? well wimper no more! i have the solution! programs such as tunngle or hamachi rely on having a singular person running everything, or have a a limit on how many people can be on at once, well i have found a program that doesn't rely on one person or limit the amount of people! Evolve! many ave heard of it, many have not. Evolve is so amazing! when you join a party you connect to a VPN that is conected to each person, not one single person. anyone can make a server and anyone within that vpn can join. as well, there is no limit, there could 100 people if we wanted, 1000 even! i found this so useful that i couldnt keep it hidden. if you are interested in joining many other players fight against each or interested at looking at the amazing architecture, join here!,party:JWTKJYYDzpAsHhmM

P.S. if any of the ZAN MGT team wants to join, i will gladly give them admin rights, its the least i could do. just pm me if you do.
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i'm not sure, other the the master server (which connects you to servers), I think right now its mostly voluntary.