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Scene Challange
« on: November 24, 2012, 06:33:33 am »
There's been lots of challenges to make ships but not much else so i blazingsentinal challenge thee to make me an epic scene!

The challenge
The challenge is simple make the coolest scene in the BR editor, by scene i mean a picture where something is happening, not just a picture of a ship. You could do one of your battleship docking with a station or two frigates shooting it out, the possibilities are endless.

I will judge each entry out of thirty using three criteria:

1.Looks: straight up how it looks for 10 points, if there's just a floating brick it will be low, if it's a really inventive shape and there's good lighting on it etc. it will score high.

2.Attention to detail: for another 10 point's the attention to detail in the scene, if there's just two ships firing at each other it will score low, if bits of debris and fighters are flying between the ships with lots of stuff in the background then it will score high.

3.Originality: for the final 10 points the originality of the scene, if you just do a battle scene like everyone else then it will score low, if you do something no one else has done or added something no one else thought of in a scene you will score high.

1. It must be an original scene; no rebuilding a scene from another film/game in BR
2. It must be all your own work, no downloading someone else's ship and using that
3. Photoshop,, gimp etc. are allowed to add extra detail to the scene, such as a laser or engine glow.

you have until the 8th of December from when this is posted (November the 24th) to submit your entries, that's just over two week. after then the contest will be closed and i will post the results as soon as possible.