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[challenge] Complementary ships!
« on: October 06, 2012, 07:01:36 am »
Hello everyone! I'm pretty new there but I figured I could throw an idea or two in this mostly-abandonned section.

The idea behind this challenge is to make not one, but two ships. The ships will be specialized and complementary. They will have a common task and will need each other to complete it.

Exemples include a bomber (dedicaced to hitting large ships) and an interceptor (protect the bomber from ennemy small ships), a transport/freighter and its escort, a long range frigate and its short-range counterpart, a carrier and its carriage, two mining ships, one blowing up big asteroids and one refining the small ones... The possibilities are near unlimited!

Only restriction: drop podd and escape pods doesnt count.
And you can team up with a friend and make one ship each!

Have fun!


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Re: [challenge] Complementary ships!
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2012, 04:02:47 am »
Here you go.

Rifle Class Patrol Frigate; RDS 700

Designed to be a vessel supporting the Arachnid Frigates on the borders of IUN controlled space, this ship has opposite attributes. It's main assets are it's massive two primary N7-b1 engine units, strapped to the lower sides of the main hull, backed by smaller units along the main side in support of the slower, more heavily armed Arachnid vessels. It's main armaments are the four main Thermal Lances front of the vessel (And two aft) which fire a 50cm super heated metal rod at an enemy vessel, so hot it's capable of melting modern military vessel armour upon impact. These are backed by more traditonal eight reactable dual barreled 100cm cannons and a single set of four pod 100cm missile tubes firing the 5 kilotonne 6MIRV warhead.

She represents an unusual break in typical IUN design, most vessels have a 'Bastion' of heavily protected vital compoents such as the COC, life support and engineering. This ship, aside from it's odd hull configuration also breaks up these vital vessel parts into seperate areas of the vessel and even has a large mess hall viewing window underneath the main forward hull.

All the engine exhuast ports are seperated as much as the design of the ship phyiscally allows in case of an aft hit that would neutralise the ship's mobility advantage.


This is the IUN's standard patrol frigate, think of it as a police cruiser for the space age. More of a gun boat than anything else, it's primary mission is to provide a military presense along borders and hotspots to slow down enemy attackers until proper reinforcements can arrive, although it is also well suited to being a dedicated anti fighter vessel in fleet actions.

2x 20cm hyper velocity cannons (bow)
2x 20cm (Twin barreled) autocannons (Stern)
40x 15cm 6-warhead MIRV missile tubes (Thermonuclear payload per warhead, 20KT)
6x 16-inch turrets (port/starboard)
2x COIL arrays (Wingtips)

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