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Re: Niwantaw's Challenge.
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All right, here we go!
It isn't quite finished.  Major things that are missing:
Robotic tender.  Couldn't come up with a good design.
It has no payload.  It would be an utter nightmare to add them in at this point.
Black Swan's bid on an open contract for an anti-capital ship, the Unseelie corvette utilizes active cloaking to deliver a range of munitions, such as mines (limpet or free-floating) or weapons platforms, into enemy-held or contested space.

The Unseelie lacks traditional redundancies.  It is completely unarmed, its armor protects from little more than radiation, and its shields are minimal.  Active cloaking and the large amounts of boom it's likely to be packing are the ship's sole defenses.

Recent conversations have suggested uses beyond delivering mines and similar munitions, such as troop transport - utilizing, for example, drop pods - or even a pair of stealthed shuttles - for clandestine planetary operations.

Black Swan stresses that the design is still a prototype, and features may change at any time.

     The ship's cramped and vertigo-inducing command module.

Main Systems:
The most mundane system on board, the Unseelie's reactor is a common model - unusually large for the ship's size, but that is, perhaps, not unexpected.

The Unseelie's striking fins are an integral part of the hip's propulsion system (rather than a fashion statement), a new reactionless drive internally developed by Black Swan.  The drive is still under development, but it's likely that it will be significantly less efficient than an equivalent reaction engine.

Central to the Unseelie's design is an active stealthing system.  Black Swan declines to reveal any details.

(Only specific weapon types are mentioned.  Traditional or common weapons are not included.)
'Atomic Urchin'
Free-floating mines.  Each mine is composed of six Casaba-Howitzer charges (see here) in the low megaton range attached to a central framework.  The mines are passively stealthed and tied into a network by several actively cloaked control modules.  When activated, the charges accelerate away from each other using a chemical rocket, orient toward their target, and fire.

A few notes:
The not-servers on the main reactor are intended to be part of the cloaking system.
The fuel tanks are reaction mass for the forward reactors.

I'm terrible at fluff.  :-\

Oh, a tip for screenshotters:  Add Blockade Runner to Steam (Library->Add A Game [lower left]->Add a Non-Steam Game) and use its screenshot system.  None of these (except the last have had any work done on them.
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Re: Niwantaw's Challenge.
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Re: Niwantaw's Challenge.
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Sorry guys. Gonna have to delay announcing the results for a week because I just got a crapton of stuff to do and my brain is not functioning at all this weekend so I haven't had chance to rate & review them

(thus no prizes just yet).
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