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Password Reset Requests
« on: July 26, 2012, 06:09:19 pm »
ZanMgt has always had difficulty with their automated password reset process; in an effort to streamline an often necessary password reset please follow these instructions if you have forgotten your password & need it reset:

Try the automated reset
On the site's Login page there is a link beneath the username & password fields to Retrieve Password. Follow the process instructions and wait a few minutes for a reset email to arrive. If it doesn't,

Hop onto IRC
Check in the IRC channel to see if a developer is present; you can identify them by an @[ZanMgt] tag in their username. If one is available ask them for a password reset and they will private message you for the necessary details. If no one is there or they are busy/not responding,

Send an email
Email your request to and they will take care of the issue as soon as they are able. In your email be sure to include your username and email address associated with your Blockade Runner account. Once you have reset your password,

Don't forget it :P
Write it down. Email it to yourself. Type it in a text file in your BR folder. Use a password management program. Whichever is most appropriate for your situation (i.e. conscientious of security and the possibility of others seeing it) give yourself a method for being able to more easily remember. However, if all that fails, return to step 1. ::)
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