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Galaxy at war
« on: June 01, 2012, 02:33:13 am »

It is an interesting time. Humans have long since left their ancient home-world, earth, and settled amongst the stars, on planets of all shapes and sizes, thanks to Faster Than Light Travel (FTL). With This great power comes great conflict, as great empires rise across planets, systems and even galaxies. Wars are fought everyday, for various reasons between super powers. meanwhile, smaller factions, companies, merc bands, Conglomerates and pirates struggle to not only survive, but thrive, in this environment of conflict.
Who are you?
Where do you stand?

RP section over.
Hey guys! it's me here! i finally decided that now is the time to make this thread. i was inspired by Komrades BGRC post, and if you haven't Forum roleplayed before, i would recommend looking it over so you know what to do.

so, this is a thread for you to role play your faction across a wider area than Komrades thread (no offense mate), so you can conquer star systems, build bases, and declare war on other factions. of course, you also could just trade peacefully with merchants; the choice is yours. please write in third person, it makes it easier to put on, say, a blog, or put it into a book.

this thread is set after Komrades BGRC thread, and so a few things are considered Canon;
Representatives of various factions.
The solar system
Weapons tech: Two main kinds, Slug throwing (cheap) and Plasma (Expensive)
Existence of the Void
The Pirate ship was hacked AND destroyed
Vincent slept with his secretary
and most other common sense things, making new star systems is okay, but you need sufficient detail for it to count.
FTL, there are two kinds, regular, which warps people through an alternate, safe dimension, and Void drive, which warps through the void, is only available to revenant, and is faster but uses more power.

For the fun and fairness of everyone here, there are a few rules that MUST be abided by, or i will ask a Mod to delete your post.
1. Play fair, having a huge fleet is all well and good, but you have to have gotten it by legitimate means. a planetary defense cannon is fine, but not 50 on every world you control. and you can beat enemies in battles, but you must not just say it is a one sided battle.
2. You control ONLY your faction. This means that you can, in no way, say what another person or faction has done or is doing unless it is canon or irrelevant. for example, i can say the ISO has attacked XI convoys before, it is irrelevant and its likely to have happened. this also means that in a conversation, you must wait for a reply before continuing.
3. you may have ONE secondary faction at a time. a secondary faction, is a faction that you make, limited in many ways. they must be weaker than your main faction, so there will be no super soldier fleets. your secondary faction may be friendly (example is a colonial defense force) or hostile ( example is evil cultists on a moon you want to conquer), you have control over them, and they are restricted by all the normal rules. can not be aware of something that you would not be able to know of. yes, i know its a little complicated, but heres an example; if komrade is plotting to attack a base of mine, and i'm on the other side of the galaxy, i must not react to it, as i would not be able to know about it. so, the only defence i can gather is the soldiers at the base, or possibly near the base. i know its hard to ingnore stuff on a forum, but you need to play fair.
5.three of your characters are invincible, everyone else may die. faction leaders and impotant people cannot be killed, if kale remoc shot jasper trayyus, jasper would live, miraculously. if the ISO shot Mr xavier with a 2k MAC gun, he would survive somehow. you may choose who is invincible, but people will assume its your faction leader and their top lieutenants. this does not mean you can run them into battle. they can be captured, and put out of play.
6. respect your opponents capabilities. If your faction is small but well trained ( like the XISF) others must respect that and write them accordingly. fair is where its at. the list below will show what your faction is like, please tell me and i will add it.

PM me, so you don't clog up this thread
Xavier industries, small numbers, but well trained and armed, like SAS soldiers, ships are the same. usually sporting cutting edge tech like AI's and best sensor gear. also wealthy, but a small faction. Leader likes personal oversight.

The Revenant: Large numbers, but ships are usually outdated and entire faction lives a semi-nomadic life. some ships do exist in the fleet that are near state of the art. entire fleet in one place should be feared.

IUN 6th OF: Well equipped, well trained and well supplied crew members. Very large ships in comparison to other factions, and as such are resource intensive to make. very slow and in-agile, the 6th OF is slower to respond than most other fleets.

Darkstrike Enterprises: Smaller salvage company dedicated to salvaging anything they can that will turn a decent profit, but within reason. also engage in repair operations. Tries to avoid combat, due to the fact that while the crew is well trained in what they do, what they do is not fight. advanced sensors to detect specific things amidst interference.

Royal Bode Naval Core: The naval subdivision of the bode armed forces, it has Lower numbers than most other fleets and Decently Advanced Tech, along with Effective commanders and Elite crew, Not the most well trained men in the galaxy, but not far behind.

Dragonmancers: Ancient race of cryogenically frozen beings recently awoken, typically use smaller strike vessels for combat, and larger ones for living. good engines and shields, and advanced jump drives that outclass all but the void drives. Good scouts (I'm assuming), but not exceptional warriors.

Free Systems Confederacy: Isolationist outer-rim nation with considerable industrial capacity. Ships and weaponry are robust, hard-hitting, and of simple construction.


High tech Hard hitting ships with Never before seen technology. uses clever tech and ideas to prevent things such as the Capture of SDI Ships. Is lower in numbers than other factions as a direct result though.

And finally, the most important part, HAVE FUN

please scan this thread from time to time, and ask people to fix their posts if they violate one of the six rules. i will inform you if someone breaks a rule, and if they won't change it.

and to the players, if someone is being unfair, please ask them to revise their post or it will be deleted.
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Re: Galaxy at war
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2012, 08:47:41 am »
Mr Xavier stood looking out the window at the star, a great big flaming ball of gas, whos light continued to reach planets millions of light years away, even now. it was truly a beautiful view, he thought. he turned away from the large thick window, and took in the rest of his surroundings. he took in his office, the great wealth he had gathered as CEO of Xavier industries had payed off, and his office was a perfect way to show that. his office was not an ostentatious show of wealth, but rather a show of what XI stood for, Quality over quantity. his office was well furnished, but it was not over the top. his desk was exquisite mahogany, but was not needlessly large. it held many things, records, data disks, and an emergency pistol. the rest of the office was fairly similar, on the left hand side was an entire wall of antique paper books, something hard to come by in the modern age. and the right side held an entire wall mounted view screen, one that he used to keep informed on the status of his companies activities, he liked personal oversight over all his projects, never allowing more than he could control directly. he did allow his top lieutenant, Jasper Trayyus, to manage the Xavier Industries Defense force for him, but Jasper always reported to him, so the personal over sight was maintained. the same was true of the research projects that XI Ran, they were run by Xaviers other top lieutenant, Miranda Solheim.
"sir" came a disembodied voice, "you wanted a Report on all XI assets?". Xavier looked at his desk, where a hologram of a woman with long brown hair, dressed in a plain, modest white jumpsuit appeared.
"yes serina, thank you" Xavier enjoyed talking to His AI, she was always kind, and business like, but she could be very funny and charming when need be.
"of course sir. Jasper is reporting no major conflicts, all XISF fleets are at full capacity. the minor skirmish does occasionally happen, but the damage is usually nothing."
"excellent, and the research?"
"all research projects are proceeding well, with no signs of any major setbacks. all engineering projects are advancing well with the extra funding. However, the attempts to create a point to point teleportation system has proved unfruitful."
"whats the problem?"
"the power source, mostly, and they are requesting funding to work on that."
"grant it."
"what about the standard ship building? how's that going?"
"well, sir. all ships have been completed on schedule. ISO raids have cut off some supplies, but no ship building has been greatly affected. Also, out escorts inflict heavier casualties in the ISO than them on us."
"excellent Serina. Keep me posted." serina nodded, and disappeared. Xavier spun around in his high backed leather chair to face the window, and look at the star that his station orbited. he pushed a button on his arm rest, which brought up a map of the galaxy. he pushed another, at the map zoomed to a specific planet. a planet seemingly covered in both forest and desert.
"verakye" he said to no-one in particular, "you will be mine."
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Re: Galaxy at war
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Space was black. Unforgiving darkness which the word failed to make apparent. A complete void of all things, not even the barest speck of dust nor debris. Truely, all who sailed it where insane. Even five and a half metres of solid armour plating was never enough to make the Captain feel safe at the head of his vessel, Captain's quarters. She was Arkensall class, six hundred and fifty metres long and just over two hundred wide, pure steel and beast. While not quite a trim cutter as other IUN vessels were, she made up for the lack of apperances in firepower and damage resistance.

Today, she was on escort duty, light as it were. Three ships followed in diamond formation with the heavy cruiser taking the point. On her wings, two Arachnid patrol frigates 'Solar' and 'Star Sight', and holding the rear was a trim cutter, the Gaia Destroyer Pride. Between them, a procession of four three hundred metre long freighters, empty and en route to collect ore as their trade agreement with the massive corporate entity stated. Her massive frame spiraling with blue lines and highlights the crew had painted on after the fact for her heritage, her logo, a massive sea dragon crushing a cruiser inbetween it's teeth painted proudly upon it's side, those two Frigates sister ships, from the same shipyard with identical hull markings and logos, binary white stars circling each other.

What a job for a such a proud ship, She who hears the waves, IUN 900 'Ocean Serpent'

"You know it can't be helped, Francois." Captain Francois Layman nodded to no one in particular, the silver airlock hissing open in front of him, parting into a pair of frames which slid back into the crisp winter white bulkhead, two officers, Operatives as IUN liked to dictate, assigned to the protection of the commanding officers when out and about. Digital black and white camouflage made up their uniforms, designed to break up their form in the confines of a hallway during battle, assault rifles in their hands with underslung shotguns for times when it got too close. Behind them, just above their heads, yellow lights were flashing, running down the cooridor in sequence, a board between them and hung from the ceiling just ahead of his quarters scrolled with information key to the yellow lights. "--ALERT STAGE TWO. ALL STATIONS STAND-BY.--"

"When has a heavy cruiser EVER been wasted on escort duty, Serpent?" His eyes tracked to a little white ball hanging off the ceiling, hidden within a security camera through which the ship's AI had her eyes. No one quite knew when the Battlefield Awareness and Control System should have been refered to as the ship's name, almost like a second entity, but someone had started it and it had just stuck. His footsteps were joined by that of the heavy boots of the Operatives behind him as they fell in, their combat gear at odds with his formal black uniform lined with green highlights, high tilted cap sitting high upon his head, cutaway of his vessel proudly emblazened upon it. Rank slides upon his shoulders showing two silver Echelons stacked on atop the other, backed by a red diamond.

"You mean aside from today?" The computer responded, swift as a strike and ever so coy that he couldn't help but smile beyond his frustrations that they weren't out chasing bigger prey than being stuck here with a leash tied between them and the Trachea Class Freighters trailing behind the bright blue engine glow as she powered forth to the Portal coordinates where they could jump safely without damaging their station. "At least you're not on border patrol."

That, Layman agreed to without an issue as the large double sealed doors rested ahead of him, his command centre finally reached. Command Operations Centre. His guards posted themselves outside the door, revealing two other Operatives who wandered off to their lockers to go off duty, get some food and then some rest in the quarters on the outer hull of the vessel. A swift hiss and he was inside, hat off and fully prepared for this mission. He was so quick to duty that he cut the young night watchman's attempt to salute off halfway.

"We're late enough as it is. Wind up the Drive and jump the fleet to the coordinates. We're taking on cargo so I want Battlestations!" Crew scurried about across the room and the deck below him in the so called Pit where most operations were carried out with the Warrant Officer's direct supervision. His Lieutenant hadn't arrived yet, he was behind on an inspection in the cargo decks. The last station to supply them had been out on the borders of controlled space and weren't prepared to stock them with all the supplies they needed. It was rather a mess down there.

Two deep buzzing klaxons sounded for a single moment, one after the other as all her sequenced rolling yellow lights turned to red, giving the room a red tinted white glow all over, the scrolling board atop the monitors showing the empty space ahead of them updating. "--ALERT STAGE THREE. ALL PERSONNEL TO COMBAT STATIONS. BATTLESTATIONS. BATTLESTATIONS--" The text was joined by BACS' annoucement over open comms across the ship as crew scrambled from food and leisure to their action stations. Vests were pulled from recessed lockers in each room, passed out to all the crew. Even Layman donned one, strapping it's velcro sides down, deep in his mind realising that it did little other than clash with his formal dress required of his rank.

The helmsman was next to speak, down in the pit. What a job, Layman envied. He commanded her, but he never flew her. Maybe in another life, perhaps... "We are go for Drive start in five seconds. Threshold-" The last second he would ever be able to abort the trip "-Exceeded. Brace Brace Brace." Layman tightened the grip around his arm rests as the main screen showed what was to come next.

Four blue beams ripped out into space from the ship's points, impacting some fifteen kilometres away from them, a massive orange ringed black portal scarring across space swirling and spiraling. Other Portals ripped into space around him, each of the fleet deploying their own. Their destination, a FISH mining base near that of their security force's headquarters, Xaiver Industries, right near a star that would help focus their Portals on target. Eight similar portals tore open space at their target space, the pointed bows of the IUN cruisers appearing first as they piloted through the rip in space they had created. Halfway through, the ships lurched forward violently as they were pulled through the gap and the portals closed explosively behind them.

As programmed, BACS was already on the communications net before XI scrambled any ships to ward them off from collecting and shipping the ore they were here for, her cool, crsip metalic voice piercing the silence of space. "Attention Attenion Attention F-I-S-H vessels, this is IUN Fleet Waveline, Six-Nine-Zero-Zero-Eight-Alpha-Zulu-Zulu-Tango-Whiskey. Escorts for freighters retrieving mining materials. Transmission repeats. Attention Attention..."
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Re: Galaxy at war
« Reply #3 on: June 02, 2012, 01:47:05 pm »
Space shimmered and ripped, a deep purple rift sprang forth spewing its deadly cargo, The ancient Revenant assault frigate 'Vorpal' drifted into real space. This was an old mining ramming barge, intended originally to move asteroids from one place to another before the invention of powerful tractor beams, had been fitted for another purpose, delivering a payload of 30 Revenant commandos and 2 Reaper class combat chassis into the interior of a larger ship.

The ship itself was no masterpiece, it was many years outve its time line, patched with the strange crystals that the Revenant used, a large ram at the front of the ship with thrusters around the edge, when fired it would seem almost like a fiery fist. It excelled at its purpose however, using age old weapons seemed to work against new hulls, the hulls had advanced so far beyond them that the methods of protecting against an attack such as this were lost.

They were on a simple mission today, causing havoc, space had been too stable, change was needed to keep the order in check. progress was only ever made in conflict, and progress needed to be made, the coming end conflict was growing closer everyday. However today, the end came for one ISO freighter.

The 'Vorpal' had closed with the slow transport who had fired with its defensive guns to try to stop the huge ram as it tried to radio for assistance, unfortunately their radios had been jammed by the same frigate. 'Vorpal' impacted into the side of the ship with such force it knocked the ship to one side. Slamming through the cargo compartment and unloading its deadly cargo.

With tactical precision the 'Revenant' squads poured out of the front ram, killing any crew members they came across with a burst of gun fire, the weapons may have been out of date, however current armour had moved so far past the technology the aggressors were using it was not effective. The 'Revenant' forces still had the trademark purple crystalline armour however, as they went forward small arms fire from laser weaponry merely bounced off most soldiers.

The bridge was breached, and a Reaper combat chassis opened up on fully automatic with one of the large gauss cannons on its shoulder tearing man and metal into little more than dust where it struck. the rest of the squad advanced in behind, making sure no-one moved.

Denios opened his helmet and stared at the bodies on the floor, such a waste he thought to himself.
"Commander?" Questioned one of the soldiers, "A survivor"
The soldier had turned over an ISO crewman, the helmsman by the looks of it, still breathing though barely, and begging for his life. Denios stood for a moment then his face guard slid back over his face.
"No witness's" With that his life was ended as he was shot through the back of the head.
"Set the autopilot to collide with the closest F.I.S.H mining station." Denios turned to leave the room.
"Oh, make sure we collect Daven and Meru's corpse's I don't want us linked to this" he shouted as he left.

After about five minutes, reverse thrusters fired and the 'Vorpal' minus 2 of its men pulled away undamaged. Denios  stood upon the bridge.
"send a message through a comm link with XI we need to negotiate a place to bring in the 'Glories ascension', the void is becoming too dangerous for it." He then chuckled to himself as the autopilot of the ISO transport took control, "Time to watch the galaxy burn" he muttered. "For now, back to the void"

'In High Explosives We Trust'
'Peace Through Superior Fire-Power'
'We have come to burn your world and urinate in your water supplies'

May the void hide you brothers, for in the end times strength alone wont save you.


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Re: Galaxy at war
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"Brace, Brace!" The captain shouted as a giant titanum and tungsten slug, traveling at 2/4 the speed of light,
hit the side of the heavy cruiser Marathon and tore through several decks, layers of armor, software,
and men and women as the ship shuddered and tilted slightly to the right while being pushed back because of the
massive kinetic energy it had absorbed.
The captain, on the bridge, got up with blood flowing out of a gash on his forehead.
"Ensign Tsardikos," He spoke a middle-aged man at the OPs console. "Damage report" the captain rasped.
"Sir, that slug tore through several decks and shattered the armor plating on the port side of the ship, sir."
Tsardikos replied in a slightly shaky voice, and his left ankle was bent in a unnatural angle.
The captain sighed and looked out of the forward viewscreens.
Outside, an asteroid field was doing a slow ballet in the cold vacuum of dark space and everything
looked natural, exepct for a battle group of 3 heavy enemy destroyers shaped like sharks prowled through the field,
chasing their prey, the Marathon One of the enemy destroyers, the one that fired the slug, Bloodied Spirit, faced towards the Marathon and started to warm up it's weapons.
The captain wouldn't give them the chance.
Immediatly, he barked to a woman named Nami at the NAV console "Flank speed, move us into the asteoid field two-by-three-oh-four."
"Yes sir!" Nami replied as her fingers glided above the NAV console's controls and the ship answered to, and started turning starboard and moving at flank speed, with engine cores flaring white into the asteroid field.
Then, the captain turned towards the man named John at Weapons One.
"Get me a firing soloution on the Bloodied Spirit and warm up everything we got while routing the rest of our power
on our FTL drive and our engines." he shouted. Diverting power, especially in combat to engines and the FTL drive instead
of shields and weapons was a dangerous gamble. "Affirmative, sir." John replied nervously, as the energy reserves from the
ship's network of reactors got dangerously low. The plasma turrets and torpedo emplacements on the Marathon grew
hot. "Do you have a firing soloution?" The captain asked, calmly. "Yes sir" John replied. "Shoot." The captain said, as if this was a normal conversation he would have with a chum. "Which guns, sir?" John asked. The captain looked at him as if he
was crazy. "All of them, Ensign, ALL OF THEM!" He shouted. Space rippled and lit up as dozens of plasma weapons
launched from the Marathon, connected with the Bloodied Spirit, and immediatly vaporized the enemy ship.
Then, it's sisters ship faced towards the Marathon The captain looked at Ensign Nami. "Engage FTL drive, take us home." Before the Bloodied Spirit's sister ships could fire a rock at the Marathon a blue warp core wrapped around the ship and it momentarily distorted, then flew into the alternate dimension of FTL travel.
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Re: Galaxy at war
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As well as being CEO of Sentinal Shipworks, Recin Aeron was also a captain in the IUN, and was currently leading a training op for the IUN's newest fighter Pilots in the Sendimus quadrant.
"All pilots get to your fighters, the drill starts in five minutes." Recins voice came out of all the Fire of beyond's speakers. A few minutes later a bright blue hole opened up 10km away, and a strange white and blue alien spacecraft came out of the rip.
"Wow, commands really increased our budget this time, eh gyro?" Recin said to the orange holographic robot coming out of the holo table at the side of the command room, who was the ships AI.
"Sir, that craft is not the ship that is participating in the drill and may be dange-" gyro didn't get to finish his sentence before the alien ship fired a giant pulse of energy that broke a hole through the fire's shield and destroyed one of the maneuvering thrusters.
"Crap!," Recin shouted as he lunged for the speaker controls "All pilots get out there, this is not a drill, repeat, THIS IS NOT A DRILL!" he then turned to the hologram projector "Gyro, start analysing that ship and starting up our weapons systems, this is about to get bumpy."


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Re: Galaxy at war
« Reply #6 on: June 03, 2012, 07:29:54 am »
It was chaos down in the Fire of beyond's hanger bays, with people scurrying about and fighters taking flight all over the place, Cane Nerox took all this in as he waited for the rest of his squad to form up, Cane was the best of the new pilots and so had been given command of the largest group of the other trainees, and was anxious to get started.
"Could they be going any slower?" Cane sighed to himself in the cockpit of his fighter "Your squad is going no faster or slower than anyone else Mr Nerox." said the toy sized image of Gyro coming out of the small holo-projector on Cane's dashboard. "It was a rhetorical question Gyro." Replied Cane, like all the other trainees Cane thought Gyro was useless and annoying in the beginning but they had eventually got used to him.
"Are you guys ready?" Cane asked the other people in his squad, all eight of them replied with a "Yes" apart from one of them.
"Cane are you sure we should be doing this? you heard what Aeron said, this isn't the drill."
"Jesus Phil, first of all grow a pair ad man up, second, that "this isn't a drill" part is probably part of the drill" Cane shouted down his commlink angrily.
"I have to correct you there Mr Nerox, that craft is a real threat and must be terminated" Gyro said to Cane
"See Cane! it's not a drill."
"which means it'll look even better on the reports when we blow it up, now come on get into spearhead formation and lets go."

Outside of the hanger it was even worse, there where IUN fighters and the strange alien ships fighters, that Cane decided to call Tridents because of their shape, dancing about in the dark vacuum of space, with bits of debris floating about between them, that seemed to be from the Tridents mostly Cane observed with relief.
"Ok Gyro what's our mission?"
"You need to disable the craft's engine array so the Fire of beyond can defeat it, the craft has managed to evade most of our attacks so far and we will have a much larger chance of destroying it if it cannot dodge the attacks."
"You heard the robot...thing, blow up the engines!" Cane commanded his squad, he then banked to the left towards the alien ship with the rest of his squad following him. As they approached the ship panels along its side opened up and revealed turrets that started firing at them, the formation scattered and the turrets missed all of the fighters, apart from the one on Canes right wing that went spiralling into the wreck of a Trident and exploded. "Sam!" Cane heard a member of his squad shout through his commlink "He's gone mate, now lets get these engines so he didn't die for nothing." With that the rest of the squad turned back to the ship, and managed to destroy a few of the turrets before they reached the engines at the back. "FIRE!" Cane shouted while he opened up with all he had like the rest of his squad. There was a giant explosion as all the missiles connected with the engines and destroyed all but one of them that slowly lost its thrust before stopping altogether a moment later, a massive cheer came up from the squad and a moment later Canes commlink crackled to life "Come back to the Fire with your squad Cane, drinks are on me, you've earned it." Recin said happily.

Back in the Fire of beyond's command centre Recin turned to Gyro "Patch me through to Serran Lance Snowdragon, he needs to hear about this."     

((i decided to make one of the tridents in BR so here it is:
weapons arent added as they would screw up the colour scheme))
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Re: Galaxy at war
« Reply #7 on: June 03, 2012, 10:31:25 am »
Exploring history.

That's what Captain Kody Dagley always felt like he was doing when he stepped foot onto these old vessels and stations - exploring the very history of how the galaxy exists as it is now. Everything has a place and a story...whether it was caused by a large-scale war, a natural disaster event (it was unfortunate but still lucky that only a few hundred thousand lives were lost in the Karafe system massive solar flare event last year...) or simply by the hard work of honest "common" folk.

As he pulled himself out of the cockpit of the H.M.S.V. Saviour-A's Utility Tug #2, he and the Lieutenant that was with him tapped a button on the top of the left wrist of their EV Suits, pulling them toward the floor below by activating their Gravity Boots. They were on board the Tyrada...or at least what was left of her. She was an old battleship from 20 or 30 years ago, found in the Dagas Asteroid Field of the Feri System.

D.E. never did any illegal salvage operations - CEO/Captain Dagley wouldn't let them...they had their pride, honor, and integrity to uphold, both as a company and as individuals. They had approached the local government asking for salvage rights for anything they found in the Dagas Field and were granted permission to take whatever they wanted for a flat (although somewhat expensive) fee...."works for us!" Captain Dagley thought.

Usually there was little of great value - scrap metal and a few decent minor parts - power couplings, consoles...that sort of thing. Occasionally though, the company would hit the salvage jackpot. He had heard somewhat substantiated rumors from traders and small, light freighters that regularly ran through the Field of a large non-natural metallic signature somewhere. It was difficult for them to trace because the thousands of iron-filled asteroids confused the signal, but the Saviour-A's advanced sensors had, after much tweaking,  pinpointed the signal to a certain region of the Dagas Field at least. The Saviour-A was too large to safely navigate the field (which made Captain Dagley wonder why the same-as-the-Saviour-sized Tyrada was even in the field in the first place...), so, leaving Commander Taisho in charge, the Saviour-A was holding just outside Dagas, not far from where Captain Dagley and Lieutenant Shawn's search had brought them...they had found what they were looking for....and the Tyrada was showing all the right signs for being a "salvage jackpot."

The initial circle of the ship in the Utility Tug had not painted a pretty picture. Tens of years floating aimlessly around an asteroid field, bouncing and scraping off the space had not been good to her...especially taking into consideration her battle damage from her fateful final day. Hull breaches and missing chunks of the ship were many, but her basic framework, main systems and important locations seemed engines...thrusters. Excitement flooded the Captain for a moment - "Could she be salvageable as a whole? Repaired for use even?" he postured. Bah, too early to tell yet.

The theory, as far as he had been told it, was that the damage had forced the crew to abandon ship due to a reactor breach warning and massive system failures...somehow, historians had thought, after all the escape pods had been jettisoned, the reactor breach containment system re-armed itself through a miraculous glitch as nobody had ever seen the telltale radiation signs or light changes from an explosion on the scopes of passing ships, or from the observatories of the semi-distant planets. As far as anybody knew, nobody had survived except the ship they had been fighting, and THAT ship's name had been lost to the had probably fled when it first detected the potential reactor breach....pirates maybe? At the time, this system was barely explored out on the edge of space with no habitable planets or moons within light years of the asteroid field. Even if the extremely limited navigation equipment of the escape pods could find them a route out of the field, the fact remained that A: the pods wouldn't have had enough fuel, and B. the chances of them dodging the melee of tumbling rocks were minimal.....they would've been like flies to a fly swatter. For those that may have survived all that, the prospect of dying gasping, cold, hungry and alone in small groups once rations and energy ran out was probably ungodly horrifying - many may have taken the..."short" route to the real unknown, a slug or laser beam to the head.

And now...Captain Dagley sighed and looked morbidly out over the empty, dark hangar - the only light from the Utility Tug's landing and running lights, their helmet-mounted spotlights, and the shimmering silvery glow reflecting off the passing asteroids and into the bay they had landed the shimmer of water in a calm, clear pool reflecting on a wall or ceiling, except much more chaotic. It was almost beautiful, accepting the fate it had caused.

The impromptu moment silence of silence for those lost was broken.

"So..sir, where do we go from here?" The Lieutenant asked.

"Onward...?" was Captain Dagley's only reply. Hell, that's all he COULD reply, he had no idea where he was going. They had no map of the ship's floor plan, so exploring it on their own was the only option. Standard D.E. protocol for salvage ops dictated finding the closest reactor, generator or battery system, seeing if it was still functional/still held a power reserve, and trying to get it activated to once again provide the ship with basic life support/environmentals. The Lieutenant knew that too. Once this was done, the real salvage, exploration and learning could take place.

Glancing and nodding at each other, the Captain and Lieutenant started to walk toward nearest doorway in the hangar, their gravity boots' electro-magnets making a telltale, quiet thunk and whine with each step. The corridors were a mess. Cables and piping hanging from the ceilings and walls, panels missing...darkened iron-red splotches every so often...blood? As he turned a corner, Captain Dagley took 2 steps back out of fright....floating in front of his face in the unlit void of the hallway was what could only be described as slow-motion whirlwind of bone - a skull staring blankly at him at eye level, upside down...rotating slowly. This had been a man 30 years ago...a crewmember. The vacuum of space had a way of preserving some things. A somewhat tattered but almost new-looking uniform still clung to the ribcage and pelvis beyond the skull, with various arm and leg bones and vertebrae slowly dancing around the skull - half of a broken femur floated past his view, and further behind the whirling skeleton and uniform, Dagley could see a large collapsed beam resting across the corridor...that's why this man had never left. He had been trapped.

"*clears throat*...Shawn...put this skull in your pouch. Maybe we can find out who he is through dental records and bring some peace to his family." It always hurt to speak about what once was a man as an object. Near the fallen beam, Dagley caught a glint. miraculously still on the floor, even in no gravity, sat an expensive laser pistol. Whoever this man was, he had been ready for a boarding party that never came...The Captain walked through the cloud of bone and picked it up and turned it over in his hands, admiring its quality, heft, the odd patina from years of contact with nothingness.

Dagley put the weapon in one of his suit's pouches - this would be his personal momento (he took one from every worthy vessel they salvaged - his Captain's quarters on the Saviour displayed a unique collage of artifacts from years of salvage work). I was a worthy piece of expensive salvage strictly speaking, but a testament to the man it came from and his will to fight despite dire consequences.

10 minutes and a deck later, the duo found "Generator Room #2". "Huh...looks serviceable..." offered the Lieutenant as he carefully inspected the generator. Removing some panels in the walls, both men followed the secondary utility cabling until it joined onto the main power network. Why had this generator cut out? Smaller generators like this could run with MINIMAL fuel left in the tanks? Maybe the safety protocols shut down all systems when containment glitched back on during the engineering reactor containment breach...?

The two men went on the assumption there was some fuel SOMEWHERE in the system and went about replacing the 5 blown relays and modules between the generator and the main power was a patch job using parts taken from other places in the Tyrada and spare parts in the Utility Tug -  "I hope this works..." muttered Captain Dagley. With a few more tweaks, the Lieutenant punched the startup sequence into the reactor's console...the console powered by a battery pack brought with them from the Utility Tug.

The generator hummed to life. The room filled with the resulting dim blue glow. Walking over to another old console in the corner, the Captain activated gravity plating, minimal environmental conditions and emergency lighting on as many decks as the generator would power. It was another one of those moments you never get used to. A literal sinking feeling in your stomach....and every other organ in your body at once. In an instant, the room became brighter as the emergency lighting came on and the two men were pulled toward the floor despite still wearing their gravity boots.

And then there was the sound. Even through the EV suits, it was deafening. The culmination of hundreds of thousands of...just ANYTHING falling in unison., chairs, mugs, tables, weapons, damaged beams, cables, turbolifts in elevator shafts, personal computer pads...glasses, sofas, plant remains, blobs of sweat, blood, fuel...the creaking of stressed metal that hadn't felt a force acted upon it years. And then it was over. Everything seemed "normal" again.

The two men looked at each other and shook hands. Captain Dagley tapped his combadge and, through the interference of the Dagas Field, spoke to his ship:

"Captain Dagley to The Saviour - we have a green light - basic life support systems are functioning tolerably and the ship seems surprisingly stable," a smile shot across his face, "...prepare for Salvage Ops."

History always changed, when one story ended, another began. He and his crew had done this numerous times to other larger and smaller ships and space stations...asteroid bases and planetary sites. The thrill was always there. The Tyrada? She had been a warship, then a derelict, and now...? That was the prospect Dagley loved. What choice will I make now?
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Re: Galaxy at war
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It was a truly uncomfortable experience for the men of alpha team in the 501st special forces division. traveling in any vehicle without inertial dampeners was extremely unbearable to lieutenant Vinyaya. flying around in an Eagle Drop ship was not one of the highlights of his job. Living on a high tech, fully armed warship was the better part, because at least those had space to stretch out in, and several meters of hull and shields to protect the occupants. the second The lieutenant was ordered to disembark from the Tiberius into one of the silvery cramped vehicles, he could do nothing but sigh. now he was here, with a group of men he trusted with his life, headed to the surface of the lush temperate world, Akuze. his orders were to land, disembark, get his men to the F.O.B and receive orders there. simple. but the lieutenant knew that the simple matters were always the ones that got screwed up.
"five minutes until we hit the landing zone" came the pilots voice "I would get your boys ready". Vinyaya nodded, and turned to his men; the best sons of bitches in the whole XISF.
"alright men, were almost there, and i'll tell you, i'm looking forward to getting onto the ground as much as you are." that got a round of nods "we don't know whats going on here, but i know its nothing we can't handle. we're gonna land in around four minutes, and show the Men how real soldiers do it"
"yeah!" came the shout
"alright, ready your weapons, we need to be ready when we..." Vinyaya was cut off suddenly as the ship Violently shuddered, as a huge explosion was heard outside.
"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?" Vinyaya yelled
"eagle 3 was shot down!" Came the pilots frantic response
"Put us down near them! We have to help" Vinyaya yelled
"yes sir, HQ Thinks the same thing judging by the radio chatter"
"good, now put us down!"
"yes sir I'll... Wait! the LZ is crawling with hostiles- Pirates!"
"Pirates? how the hell could pirates do this?"
"I don't know! but i can't land! i'll give you cover with the Gunships Gauss cannon, you and your men rappel down"
"got it, get us in close and low". Vinyaya turned to his men. "okay boys, were going in, lock and load and prepare to rappel, THIS IS NOT A DRILL" Vinyaya grabbed his rifle from the gear rack, put the gas cartridge in necessary for his XR-17 Plasma rifle to work, and checked his reliable slug throwing sidearm, the XP-12 5.7mm Hollow point Pistol that every soldier was issued.
"i'm coming in!" yelled the pilot, "taking fire from small arms everywhere, i'll see if i can take the heat off with the gun"
"roger!" yelled back Vinyaya. the craft continued moving, and slowed down eventually, followed not to shortly after by the telltale sound of a multi barreled Gauss gun tearing into the enemy. the back door opened in the gunship, and the Marines connected their rappeling gear to the hooks on the floor, and with the training they had gone through, expertly leaped out of the gunship into the air, sliding down the ropes to the ground. the first men to get to the ground immediately took cover, firing in the direction of the pirate soldiers gathered around the crashed dropship, their weapons firing fiery blue beams rapidly at the enemy. several pirates were killed in the initial attack. Vinyaya was one of the last on the ground, and after months of practice, he pulled his rifle off his back, aimed it at a pirate and pulled the trigger, all in less than three seconds. Vinyaya felt the gun buck, saw the beam of plasma lance outwards and heard the plasma leave the gun, the pirate however did not, and it struck him square in the chest, leaving nothing but a gaping cauterized hole. Vinyaya didn't stop to admire his work, within another second he had sighted another pirate through his reflex sight, the red cross hairs pointing right at his chest. he fired again, and the result was the same. a dead pirate. by then, the other soldiers in the 501st detachment were racking up similar, or better kill counts, and the pirates wisely decided to withdraw. the soldiers, however, were not willing to just let them run away, and snagged another 10 or so when they were retreating, leaving the pirates with around 7 men.
"check the wreckage" the lieutenant cried "there might be survivors". his men carried out his orders, and fortunately there were survivors, survivors in need of medical attention. Vinyaya hailed the gunship floating above which had been giving fire support to the squad.
"pick us up, mate, we have guys in need of medics."
"inbound sir, we're coming" the pilot replied. Vinyaya looked around, admiring the devastation this small skirmish had brought on the forest. clearly the situation here on akuze was bigger than he had thought. and these pirates would pay tenfold ofr whatever they inflicted on the XISF. Vinyaya walked towards the dropship, leading his men. Onwards he thought, lets get moving.


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Re: Galaxy at war
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The captain, once again, looked out at the viewscreen into the cold vacuum of space beyond.
It had been about a half-hour after they jumped.
The battle-damaged Marathon cruiser drifted slowly in the midnight of space, a large hole portruding from it's
starboard side. It's thrusters puffed orange as the ship moved at 67% operational thrust around the random solar system
it had jumped to.
"Ensign Tsardikos, where did we warp to?" The captain breathed.
"I don't know sir, an anamoly in our FTL drive brought us to this solar system, sir." The ensign reported.
The bridge crew glanced around nervously. "Anamolies" in FTL did not exist. Were supposed to not exist.
Several consoles on the bridge winked on and off and some lay cracked and dark, evidence that the battle
took a big toll on the ship and several crew members lay down on the ground, still and there were blood splatters
on the walls.
"Damage report, Tsardikos" The captain whispered.
"Sir, Decks 3, 5, 6, and 10 have been severly damaged and breached and I had to vent the atmosphere out of there
to conserve oxygen and 29% of the crew is dead, and the ship is at 43% optimal preformance capacity." Ensign Tsardikos said. And as those words left his mouth, the bridge crew lay stunned.
The captain sighed. Then he activated a microphone and said, clearly and confidently,
"All medical crew please attend to wounded and store KIA in Cargo Bay 7. Repair teams 1 through 4, focus on thrusters
and fixing that slug penetration hole." After he was done saying that, the captain muttered to himself, so quietly only the bridge microphone picked it up, "Too many damn heroes in this war...."
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Re: Galaxy at war
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The "Raft" was on vanguard duty. Acompanied by a group of smaller combat ships and dozends of small craft of various types it scouted ahead of the "Convoy". Looking for any ressources the Convoy did need to survive or could otherwise use, as well as possible trouble that needed to be avoided.
The Raft itself had been a container freighter a long time ago, after decades of repairs, refits and extensions it was hardly recocnizable as that any more. It served as a mobile repair and refuelling base for the scout craft that were searching the neighbouring systems for usable ressources. Unclaimed if possible. Claimed ressources always meant trouble and to often more trouble than they were worth. 
The patchwork look of the Raft was intentionally deceiving. It looked as it were made of junk but that was not the case. The basic design was based on an old, almost ancient, hull, but beneath that it was state of the art technology.

Rohen was moving through the main hangar of the Raft to his ship, the Tharsus. His copilot Krell was doing some final pre flight checks. Krell, like Rohen himself, was space-born. Born o a ship in deep space and lived most of the time there. If Krell and Rohen would add up the hours they spend on a planet their whole life, they would not get to a full week. Both were physically showing the aspects of beeing born and living on a spacship, they were small build. thin and had very pale skin.
Rohen beeing the older one had grown a beard as this was tradition for a ship captain to have one. He did not really like the thing but he did as was expected from him.
"What's wrong?" asked Rohen as he approached Krell and noticed the troubled look on his face. "I'm not sure i like the latest modification." was the response while he was looking at the lower prow of the Tharsus.
The Tharsus was officially a light freigter but with hardly more then 20 Meters it was hardly more then a big Shuttle.
The Tharsus was like the Raft an old design that was intentionally made to look pathced up. She was over 90 years old and as far as Rohen knew the ship was out of production for almost 60 years and like the Raft it was heavyly refitted in its long life. The most prominet feature was the larger engine.
She was a good all-purpose small craft and for the current Mission Rohen had her refitted for recon and mineral survey.
The point Krell was worried about was that one of her two impulse guns had been replaced with a probe launcher.
"She was never built for combat, and wee need this to place marker buys on good mining spots." "And what if we run into trouble?... again" was Krells a bit concerned response.
"We do what we in most of the cases have to do anyway. We make a run for it." that reply did make Krell smile a bit. "Yes. And we are getting quite good at it."
They both joked around a bit while they were finishing launch preperations.
About 15 minutes later they had left the hangar and were heading for deep space.
"I am loading the Nav coordinates into the jump-computer. We are ready to jump." strapped in the pilot seat Rohen was talking to Krell, who was checking the engine, via intercom. "Ok, all clear back here. She is good to go."
"Last chance to go back if you have forgotten something on the Raft." stated Rohen while he was tightening his grip around the lever for the Jump Drive "Well now that you mention it..." but Rohen did not let Krell finish his answer.
"All right then. Brace for ... JUMP!" he pulled the lever back. The engines of th e Tharsus came to full life. She accelerated rapidly and then silently jupmed.


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Re: Galaxy at war
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Above Andurius Prime the rift of a Revenant ship slowly tore open as the planetary assault carrier 'Damage king' entered reality. Comm traffic on the world spiked as various defence mechanisms activated seeing an alien ship in orbit, and various communities tried to get through the the ship but all communications seemed to be blocked.

Its engines fired in sequence, and the ghost ship slowly turned sideways on from the planet. Elsewhere around the planet more and more rifts slowly opened as Cruisers entered into reality. A wide band broadcast from the 'Damage king' suddenly blanked all other comms traffic
"Humans of  Andurius Prime, Your transgressions against the Revenant fleet has been noted, We have come to burn your world, Welcome humans, To oblivion"

Around the planet drones entered the atmosphere taking out key defence systems now firing as much flak as they could into orbit, trying to take out the orbiting ships, Large bouts of plasma was being fired in return, melting holes in the landscape and destroying structures and people.

Aboard the 'Damage King' Denios turned to the Comms unit "Send a message to the rest of the task force, We will unleash the spectre onto this planet, then it will need to be seeded, begin the operation"
"Orders received" came back from the rest of the fleet

Defensive fire was slowly, gradually becoming less and less as the structures were taken out by drones and orbital bombardment, which was recklessly targeting anything on the ground. The 'Damage King' opened up the side compartment and a large drop pod fired itself towards the planet, firing through the atmosphere and embedding itself in the side of a defence gun battery.

"Id hate to be down there right now" Denios laughed "Men prepare to pull back, we will return tomorrow once spectre has done his job" The rifts slowly opened up as the Revenant ships slunk back into the void leaving the swarms of drones and spectre to do the job from now.

Spectre looked up to see the 'Damage king' retreat back into the immaterial. Time to do what I do best. The large combat chassis, turned and started heading towards the closest city.

<To be continued>

'In High Explosives We Trust'
'Peace Through Superior Fire-Power'
'We have come to burn your world and urinate in your water supplies'

May the void hide you brothers, for in the end times strength alone wont save you.


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Re: Galaxy at war
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"We are the only ships in this sector for the time being." Those words still rung within the ears of Captain Sean Whitehal as he sat upon the commander's chair, looking down and over his COC both on his floor, and the pit below, his helmsman most forward of the armoured room, staring at his own screens while he stared at the holomap projected into the centre of the room, just ahead of his eyes. For the most part, the room around him was a stark white, the walls and cieling all tinged with the red alarm lighting signaling their hightened alert status, while the centre walls and floor were a bright blue glow far too similar to the engine glow the N6-a3 units emitted under power.

Two orange blips were far off to the right on the map, the holomap dragging information lines to these two blips, tagging them as Unknown 1, Unknown 2. Red lines were drawn to their current position, two black dots which represented the lone IUN ships on patrol above this colony planet. For the two ships designed for Escort and not Patrol, Those you shed, IUN 092 Tears and We who Guide you IUN 093 Senses, it was a boring job. They were only here because the planet's usual protector, a Pacific class light cruiser had been called away to assist in quelling an uprising on a nearby ocean planet, and the colony required protection from the pirates that had recently moved into this sector.


Gaia Class destroyers were not normally Sister ships, but a delay in the construction of Tears had allowed Sense, the younger of the two vessels to catch up, a fact that had never been allowed to be lived down. Now, they stood on the edge of combat, an unknown they were both designed for, crews of one hundred on both ships fully trained and prepared for. Above those five monitors, a scrolling information board read. "--ALERT STAGE THREE. ALL PERSONNEL TO COMBAT STATIONS. BATTLESTATIONS. BATTLESTATIONS--"

BACS broke the silence. "Unknown vessels are now within communications range." The central monitor changed view, the front camera's view of empty space was shifted onto a secondary monitor, the large screen in the centre changing to view the two unknown vessels. Whitehal couldn't make out the class, nor any armaments. At least, not yet.

"Unknown vessels!" he started, voice booming out across the bridge as BACS transmitted the message, "This is Captain Whitehal of the Imperial Ural Navy vessel Tears. Identify yourselves!" A single beep across the command centre signalled a successful transmission, but they were met with only static, and BACS was quick to act. The stark white lighting faded to a llight blue hue, the walls, cieling and floor going black, the red alert lights began to spin, casting red beams through the blue glow that provided the illumination of every room on the ship. A siren, not unlike the DEFCON alert warnings of old sounded, ringing throughout the ship. The crew, already standing ready at Stage 3, were suddenly introduced to Stage 4, the last warning before actual combat.

"Hostile Contact probable. Hostile Contact probable. Seal outer hatches! Damage control report to stations, Damage control report to stations! Alert Stage Four! Alert Stage Four!" The voice of Tears echoed in her battle sirens, those rolling screens all over the ship updating with her voice "--ALERT STAGE FOUR. DAMAGE CONTROL TO STATION. HOSTILE CONTACT PROBABLE. COMBAT READINESS.--"

From the pit, more information started to flood in as Whitehal adjusted in his seat, his flak vest uncomfortable against the leather of the command chair. A junior sensor operator spoke up, a secondary screen, top left changed to show scrolling information in text form, while the holomap zoomed into those two orange blips quickly apporaching their position, scrolling code displaying intelligence on those two ships.

"Two destroyer class vessels on intercept course, One-Eight-Zero metres long, four-zero wide, no visible armaments, shields are activ- Weapons fully powered!" Whitehal swore violently as the Helmsman and BACS both confirmed at the same time. The battle siren in the backround of all the hallways and empty rooms suddenly changed, a rapid-fire beeping sounding in the Command centre for four seconds before it went silent.

"Missile lock-on!"

The Lieutenant was quick to act, jumping to his feet as yellow spinning lights were added to the fray above, the scrolling boards updating a final time. --ALERT STAGE FIVE. WE ARE UNDER ATTACK.-- "Z axis tilt, sixty degrees, maximum flank speed! Evade, Evade!" The holomap zoomed out to show both ships, those orange blips now displayed as Hostile One and Two sprouting red curved lines, 40 of those strands tracking to each ship, each red line tracking the lock on of a single missile. Behind it, the main screen showed the left ship, Hostile Two, the ship that was locked onto them blow out. It's hull fragmenting, forty silo tubes all over it's hull popping out into space, two seconds later as the light glinted off them gave way to the fire spat out of the hull as all of those two metre long guided talons of explosive destruction launched against flew from their mother ship, and tracked inwards towards the ship known as Tears.

Orange beams of light flashed from her nose as her RCS thrusters fired to steer her downwards, her aft lit up with a bright, burning blue colour as she accelerated with all her might. Six dorsal Close-In-Weapons turned and locked onto the incoming projectiles, spitting hot fiery death towards them, flak blasts of old surrounding the front upper bow of the sleak destroyer as she drove hard to avoid those impacts. Two long white streams spat from her bow, counter missiles powering towards the incoming barrage.

Then, they impacted along the shields, the previously invisible barrier leaping to life, a hot orange glow leaping all around the impacts. Tweleve missiles had been shot down by the CIWS, exploding uselessly in empty space, another two had been cleanly intercepted by the Counter Projectile Batteries. That left 26 missiles to hit the life giving shield, and as explosions rained down all upon it, that orange glow that shone around the entire bubble flickered violently and then died.

"Warning," Tears sounded with exactly that, her cool metalic voice sounding over the shaking of the hull plating., "Shields, offline. Recharge cycle, one minute."

Whitehal was next. "Full extension! X axis roll, port One-Eight-Zero! Torpedoes and Two-Thousand-Mils, fire!" The Destroyer's helmsman yanked back on his twin sticks, and the ship lurched upwards, orange beams firing from her underside to level her out, matched by four more firing from her right side underside diagonal, barrel rolling her until she was belly up, her forward twin barreled 200cm cannons letting out a soft electronic purr as they swiveled and angeled to engage the hostile ship. Four shots, seperated by a second each ripped into space. At the same time, the silver marked enemy returned fire with her own cannons, two shots in return flying on a fifteen second trip.

"Cannon rounds incoming!" someone in the operations pit had yelled, too late for it to make any difference. One shot went wide as Tears launched two 400cm MIRV torpedoes express to the enemy vessel, the other round exploding against a raised armour plate upon her belly. Nearly sixteen kilometres away, all four cannon rounds impacted along the bow of the enemy destroyer, blasting armour fragments deep into space, glinting in the light as they span, nearly six tonnes of armour blown off the ship in a single strike, but in the grand scale of things, not even scratching her, four blackened scorch marks across her bow like angry bite marks.


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Re: Galaxy at war
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While its jump started smoothly the end came unexpected and with violent rocking. Rohen and Krell were instinctivly holding on to something even as they were tightly strapped in their seats.
"What was that?" he asked as Rohen turned to Krell and looking at him worried. Krells fingers were dancing over a console while he was trying to get some aswers.
"Some sort of Jump-Distortion... a big one." and after looking at the nav console "It was strong enough to pull us out before we could reach our intended destination. We are still on the edge of the System."
Rohen had left his seat and was standing behind Krell to get a better look at the displays. "Someone seems to hav a very bad alinged Jumpdrive to create sich a distortion." While pointing at a sensordisplay Krell metioned "Or a damaged one. Look floating debris." "Looks like hullplating." Rohen thought for a moment "Battle damage maybe?" "Possible, if we ... wait ... i think i got the engine trail of the ship that caused this. Can you get us clear of the Distortion so i get clearer scan data?" Krell asked. Rohen noded and went back to the Pilot seat.
A few moments later the Tharus had left the Distortion. "Thats better. Ah, and there she is. I see the ship, she is a heavy cruiser. Looks like she has a large hull breach." Rohen needed to think what they would do now after hearing what Krell just told him. He had now conflicting priorities.
On one hand he had orders to scout for usable minerals and keep a low profile while doing that. But on the other hand here was a ship that most likely did need help. Leaving one stranded in space was going against his morality codex, so he decided to risk it.
"Ok, we can not leve then without at least offering help." He steared the Tharsus towards the cruiser. Krell looke dat him a bit worried. "And what of the mission?"
"As long as we do not mention the Convoy or anything it should be fine. So far we are civilian Ore Prospectors looking for minerals and that is not even a lie."
Krell noded to Rohens words "Father would have done something like this too." "Yes he would have. Oh, by the way ans sign that they have spotted us yet?" Rohen asked. "Can't tell so far i see no indications that they have."
"Well i think we should announce our presence, in order to not look too suspicious." Rohen activated the communications.
"This is the civilian ship Tharsus calling the damaged heavy Cruiser. Seeing the damage on your ship renders the question if you need assistance a bit obsolete. So i am asking if you want assistance, as we are ready to offer any kind of assistance we might be able to give."
Rohen waited for a reply.


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Re: Galaxy at war
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The crew of the Marathon was buzzing around overtime as the ship drifted lazily in place.
As the captain was walking around the corridors, some of which were blocked because they were punctured
and some with cables cut loose flying sparks everywhere, he heard a feminine voice in his headset and
reconogized it as the voice of Ensign Nami.
"Sir, an unknown ship is attempting to hail us and is offering assistance. What are your orders?" She spoke in his ear.
"Warm up all operational weapon nodes and move us into a tactical flank position against the ship." The captain replied grimly. "Answer the ship. Let me talk to her captain personally." He said.
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