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Your prefabs in Blockade Runner!/What we're looking for
« on: May 01, 2012, 12:09:46 am »
We're encouraging anyone who has a prefab for Blockade Runner, and would like to see it included in an official Blockade Runner update, to send us your prefabs (more info here). You'll, of course, be given in-game credit for your model, we just love the idea of community made models being a part of Blockade Runner. There's a few conditions of course, but you can read about that in the "include your work in BR" post.

Below are some examples of what we're looking for in particular, but if you have an idea for something out-of-the-ordinary or just plain weird, don't be shy! We'd would love to see it and (assuming it meets the conditions) include it into Blockade Runner!

These are things we're thinking would be great in Blockade Runner.
  • Structural things like girders, joists, and other framey things
  • Spaced Armor (armor skirts), armor plates
  • Windows, spacey looking window frames, large windows
  • Cockpit windows (jet fighter, vertical)
  • Ladders, stairs
  • Living quarters objects: beds, desks, paintings
  • Plants wild and domesticated
  • Lights: small, large, (construction) independent lights, industrial lights
  • Consoles, computer terminals, servers, work stations
  • Chairs, Couches, Tables: Luxerious to comfortable, futuristic to industrial
  • Engines: Thrusters (Apollo 13 style), bell engines, big engines (star destroyer)
  • Shield generators, deflector dishes
  • Radars, sensor... grids (or something)
  • Tractor beam emitters, particle beam emitters
  • Cameras, prison cells
  • Mounts for weapons: turret mounts, static mounts, swivel mounts
  • Weapons: blasters, phasers, quad cannons, broadside ship cannons, alien, projectile
  • Generators, power, fuel, megnetic, big, small, weird, and functional
  • Batteries, solar panels
  • Conduits, vents, cables
  • Heat radiators: rods, vents, inset
And of course, anything you've got an idea about, we'd be glad to check it out too.

Be sure to check out the "include your prefab into BR" post to see how you can get your prefab into Blockade Runner.
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