Author Topic: Submitting your work for inclusion in BR!  (Read 2756 times)


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Submitting your work for inclusion in BR!
« on: April 28, 2012, 03:18:39 pm »
Some of our community members have made some mighty fine looking prefabs for Blockade Runner, and so we'd like to set it up so you can submit your finished works to be included with the next version of Blockade Runner.

For now we'd like to be focusing on prefabs, but if you've got textures/interiors you'd like to submit you can send those too!


Please send us:
  • The name you'd like to be credited with!
  • The .OBJ and necessary .DDS textures
  • If possible, the portion of the Solids.xml you used to test the prefab in the game!

Quality Guidelines:
  • N64-like visuals (StarFox 64, GoldenEye).  Not too cartoony, not too realistic (but still using HD textures).
  • Polygons are limited in Blockade Runner, with 300 polys or less recommended for smaller objects, and under a thousand for very large ones.  "Close" and "Far" meshes are recommended but not necessary (the "Low" meshes being as low poly as possible as seen at a distance (20-100 polys max)).

For legal reasons of dispute, you must agree to the following conditions:
  • We do have quality guidelines, and reserve the right to make adjustments or request changes be made before your work can be implemented!
  • You will be credited in-game for your work, however anything sent to us for inclusion into Blockade Runner becomes property of ZanMgt.

If you have any questions or regarding submitting your creations, please e-mail or PM us!
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