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Title: Blockade Runner: Fine Flotillas
Post by: Cy83r on April 08, 2014, 02:57:14 am
Design Goal: keep the community occupied with a minigame until solidified features and long-awaited updates

Desired Engine: W71 or earlier, mod support for destructible helm pads and integration with later versions and features

.Each Player takes on the role of a Captain in an interstellar Flotilla and is henceforth referred to by that title throughout these rules.
.Each Captain provides a specific ship design, creating a roster or 'fleet list' from which the whole Flotilla may select any ship.
.Each ship costs a certain number of Resource Points depending on its size and armament; each Flotilla has a shared pool of RP with which to organize its forces.
.Generally, Captains will make a design and then be randomly 'promoted' to one of two equally funded Flotillas, the ensuing Skirmish will then be fought until total destruction of the other side or an agreed upon time limit is reached; this need not always be the case and promotions, designing, funding, and objectives may be customised to suit playstyles of the Captains.
.an impartial referee may be used for tournaments, campaigns or other formalized games in which both sides desire elements of uncertainty or an extra viewpoint to record the battle.

Ship Design
.Class: the maximum size and number of 'active systems' a ship may mount is determined by how many Gold blocks a ship carries; classes are commonly named and abbreviated as follows (though roleplay groups may invent more colorful terminology as it suits):
-1Gb 'Strike Craft' SC
-2Gb 'Cruiser Escort' CE
-3Gb 'Cruiser' CC
-4Gb 'Battlecruiser' BC
-5Gb 'Battleship' BB
-6Gb 'Battledreadnaught' BDN
-7Gb 'Dreadnaught' DDN
-8Gb 'Superdreadnaught' SDN
.For each Gold block, a ship may mount up to 20 other blocks, including 1 Helm Pad and any 6 Engine, Weapon, Shield, or other 'active' blocks that do more than absorb damage.
.Resource Point costs per block are as follows:
-Gold 6pts
-Helm 4pts
-Active System 3pts
-Other 1pt

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BR:Fine Flotillas - Fires Upon The Tannhauser Gate

Campaign Rules
.A campaign between two or more Flotillas begins with creating a Star Map.
.A Star Map consists of multiple stellar systems, usually given fantastic (Tatooine) or downright scientific (Wolf 459) names, linked together by a network of Jump Points, each jump point only connects to one other jump point, but a system may have multiple jump points.
.Ships in a Flotilla may be divided into multiple Battlegroups to suit its Captains' strategic needs.
.Each Battlegroup must be commanded by one of the Flotilla's Captains, carried aboard their flagship, and each Captain may only command a single Battlegroup - although, in a battle, every Captain joins the fight regardless of whether or not they are in command of another Battlegroup, the Flag Captain of a Battlegroup is responsible for its actions and seeing that the ship under their command are properly utilized and supplied.
.A Flotilla begins with its fleet roster and a home planet with a set Industrial Capacity, typically 3~6RP, which provides a steady income each Campaign Turn; a proper fleet must be built from the ground up in a standard campaign.
.Other systems on the Star Map are assigned a random value from 0RP up to an arbitrarilly agreed upon value, though more than 6 or 8 points is not recommended outside of 'blitzkriegs' set up by Captains and Referees who have already played a few campaigns.
.Nebula of War: If playing with a Referee, then it is suggested that each Flotilla only be given information about the Star Map and the movements of opposing Flotillas that they have ships in place to observe; a Battlegroup can see everything in the same system regardless of their position in the system, including other jump points.
.At the beginning of each Campaign Turn a Flotilla receives any Resource Points generated by the planets and stations (more on those later) it controls, the Captains then move their Battlegroups and allocate RP to building or repair projects.
.Battlegroups may move between a stellar system and its local jump points, those capable of making hyperspace jumps can also move between two connected jump points; Cruisers, Cruiser Escorts, and Strike Craft may make two moves between system and jump points each campaign turn, all other ships only move one point per campaign turn, and a Battlegroup must move as slow as the slowest ship.
.A ship is considered hyperspace capable if it dedicates a Gold block to jump capacity instead of its normal system capacity, a ship may carry a number of Strike Craft into hyperspace so long as it has a Jump Capacity of 2 and mounts a number of 'Other' blocks (i.e. spare hull space) equal to the total number of blocks that comprise the Strike Craft; Cruiser Escorts may be carried in a similar fashion if the Carrier has a Jump Capacity of 3.
.Stations are a special subclass of ship that operates under special design restrictions: a Station may have 1 Helm Pad OR 1 Engine block (1 engine per 2Gb required to make a strategic move on the Star Map) per Gold block and Engines also cost 6 points each; they may mount up to 8 active systems instead of 6 per Gold block; Stations require Jump Capacity 3 just to move themselves into hyperspace and cannot carry other ships; additionally, a Gold block may be dedicated, in a similar fashion to Jump Capacity, to provide 0.1RP of Industrial Capacity per 'Other' block while Entrenched in a system.
.Dedicating Gold blocks to Jump or Industrial Capacity does not reduce a ship's class, a vessel with 8Gb and a Jump Capacity of 2 is still an SDN.

.When two enemy Battlegroups meet at the same point on the Star Map, they must decide whether to stay at that point and 'Engage' or 'Retreat' and move back to their previous position simultaneously without foreknowledge of the other Captain's own intentions; if both elect to Engage, resolve the battle normally, each Captain in the Flotilla choosing one of the ships in that Battlegroup which is being engaged, any surplus ships being held back for the next campaign turn.
.In any battle that includes a Station, a Captain must take command of an available Station unless his personal Flagship is also present, then he may choose between piloting a Station or his Flagship.
.When a Battlegroup stays at a system point rather than electing to move, it becomes 'Entrenched' and may wait to see if an 'Invading' Battlegroup will Retreat or Engage before making their own decision; however, if the enemy Engages a waiting Captain, it will have to fight its way out to Retreat.
.An Entrenched Battlegroup that makes a Fighting Retreat must fight at least one battle, afterwards he may pull as many ships to a friendly or unoccupied point on the Star Map as exceed 150% of the enemy's remaining ships, Stations must always retreat last; this maneuver may be repeated as many times as needed, but only once each campaign turn.

.All strategic movement by Battlegroups takes place simultaneously.
.Engagement and Retreat is resolved one point at a time, but all are resolved before battles commence.
.Each battle is resolved at either its scheduled time or at a reserve date.
.If one Flotilla's Captains fail to show at the scheduled time then they must show at the reserve date or the entire Battlegroup is destroyed in an embarassing fleet action that will be infamous once the historians get to writing it.
.If Captains show for the scheduled date but not the reserve, should the other Flotilla miss the schedule but be polite enough to show on the reserve date, then both fleets take 25% losses, starting with the lightest ships first, and both sides Retreat; Entrenched Stations may elect to remain.
.If both Flotillas fail to show then both forces annihilate each other.
.If the referee fails to show, assuming your game has one, then both Battlegroups Retreat without firing a shot and the referee is to be sacked; Entrenched Stations may elect to remain.
.Once all battles are resolved, any ships that have been fully paid for are constructed at any system which has an Industrial Capacity, including Stations properly equipped, equal to the combined Class value of all ships to be built at that system during this campaign turn (i.e. 8 for an SDN, 12 for three BCs, etc).
.Begin the next Campaign turn by calculating Resources provided by planetary and station Industrial Capacity.

Ah, on second thought this might not go here, possibly Ideas&Suggestions, but it does ask a question of the mods and management in general.
1) can versions 71- be modded?
2) is the helm pad's invulnerability something that can be modded out?
3) will I ever get my computer working again so I can find out for myself?
Title: Re: Blockade Runner: Fine Flotillas
Post by: Aaron on April 16, 2014, 02:27:22 pm
Ohhh... but can this wait just a couple more months?  I'd so rather people were building things with W1XX instead of W71.  Every time someone loses a ship to a crash in W71 it makes me sad. :c

I'll make Zack and Gabe work harder to get W1XX in a playable state, I promise! =P
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Post by: Strait Raider on April 16, 2014, 02:32:24 pm
Moved to Forums section (forum game).
Title: Re: Blockade Runner: Fine Flotillas
Post by: Cy83r on April 17, 2014, 06:39:26 am
Ohhh... but can this wait just a couple more months?  I'd so rather people were building things with W1XX instead of W71.  Every time someone loses a ship to a crash in W71 it makes me sad. :c

I'll make Zack and Gabe work harder to get W1XX in a playable state, I promise! =P
It can wait as long as it takes until I can get my tower running again, so probably quite a while.  Long ago were the days I would spend drawing systems and warp routes and devising all manner of unique ships and superweapons for battlefleet gothic
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Post by: Cy83r on April 01, 2015, 06:34:52 pm
Wow, I made this minigame a year ago.

And it's going to merge posts instead of bump the thread, isn't it?

ED: Apparently not.
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One year later, And I'm still sad when those brave, brave souls dare to use W71. :c
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Well Aaron, we waited "a couple more months." Blood's on your hands, now.
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I've decided my hands look better in red. ^.^
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In fact, I might need to change my avatar to something Evangelion inspired... ^.^


Maybe for Halloween? :D
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October is two months away, and my birthday is next month.  Do it.  Do it for MEEEEE.