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Title: Joining the Founders Club
Post by: Aaron on January 01, 2014, 08:28:33 pm
Founder's Club Access

To gain access to the Founder's Club:

1.  You must have previously purchased Blockade Runner
2.  You need to register a forum account ( here on the forum.
3.  Send an e-mail (;sa=email;msg=37915) or a private message (;sa=send;u=5) with the following information:
- Your Blockade Runner account username.
- Your Blockade Runner account's e-mail.
* Optionally, your original PayPal/Google Checkout transaction ID will do if you cannot find any other info.

What happens next?
I go over the requests by hand at the moment, so usually within 24 hours (I check periodically throughout the day) your forum account will be flagged as a Founder Member.  After that, you'll receive notification that you're now able to access the Founder's Club section of the forum containing debug builds, prototypes, and developer discussions!  ;D


About the founder's club:
The Founder's Club is a reward for members who have long supported Blockade Runner since its early beginnings, and is meant to allow us all to stick together through the thick and thin of the game's development!  ::)