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MUST READ - Forum Rules
« on: September 28, 2011, 08:39:00 pm »
Welcome to the official Blockade Runner forum! In order to maintain a productive and enjoyable environment for everyone we have established a set of rules for posting here. All infractions are dealt with as each individual case merits.

  • Report to moderator (located in the lower right corner of every post)
    We need your help in bringing posts to our attention! Reporting alerts the moderators to posts which need action so we can respond in a timely manner. In the case of a perceived rules violation it is better to report and move on; vigilantism is not necessary and may make the situation worse.
  • Search
    The Search bar parses whichever specific section (i.e. global, individual board, or within a topic) in which you use it. It is much easier to follow discussion of a topic when it is kept to one thread, and you may find the information you need without having to post at all.
  • Contribute to the topic
    Stay on topic and convey detail in your responses. If what you want to say does not pertain to the topic at hand then consider a PM or take it to a relevant topic.
  • Be respectful
    Opinions differ and everyone is entitled to have their own. Have a civil debate without devolving into a shouting match, personal insults will not be tolerated. Do not goad others into breaking the rules. The use of offensive langauge will not be condoned beyond that which is in good taste.
  • Practice forum etiquette
    Avoid cross posting, double posting, & short posts. Use spoiler tags when posting large/many images. Quote the specific portion of a post to which you are referring, and don't nest quotes. Do not abuse forum resources: e.g. excessive smilies or formatting, frivolous reporting, promoting illegal material or spam.

If necessary, disciplinary measures will be taken as deemed appropriate considering the member's current and past behavior. We welcome discussion about the rules and moderation techniques privately; send a PM to any or all of us so we can address your concerns personally.

- The Blockade Runner Community Moderators:
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